I Quilted…

In my last post I said I wanted to quilt, well I kinda got cold feet. Kinda. I wanted to test out all the new skills I’d been researching, but I was afraid of ruining hours of patch-working (is that a real word?).

So instead I made my first quilt using cheater quilt fabric. More accurately, my own cheater quilt fabric. I designed it last year for one of Spoonflower’s fabric contest. I had it printed up will the full intention of making some simple, no binding, blanket. But as usual, I never got around to it.

The quilt measures 36″x36″. So it’s only one yard of the Cheater fabric. I then used some of my Monsters on the Loose fabric for the back. I quilted around all the triangles, white thread on top, dark pink on the bottom. I used some purple Kona cotton I had lying around for the binding, along with a small patch of my purple Monsters on the Loose fabric for some variety and to test out how it would look.

I used Red Pepper Quilts machine binding tutorial. She made the whole process very easy and painless. I really wanted to do traditional binding where half is hand sewn, but sadly I have bad arthritis and it’s pretty much impossible. I love how the whole quilt came out, and I’m already planning my next one.

If your interested in making your own Cheater Quilt, you can find all the fabrics I mentioned here in my Spoonflower shop. The cheater quilt fabric above fits onto one yard of quilting weight cotton and comes in several color combos, including the rainbow one. You’ll also need some batting and fabric for the binding.

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