Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath for Silhouette America

Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath by Jessee Maloney for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}My first tutorial for the Silhouette America Blog went live yesterday! Check it out for step by step instructions on how I made the awesome wreath above.

Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath by Jessee Maloney for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}

As you can see loads of different, awesome, fabrics were used in this wreath! I wish I could take credit for picking them all out, however they were all from a fabric shop coordinated charm pack. A charm pack is usually 42 – 5″ fabric squares assembled together in a pack. They are very helpful with small projects and or if you need loads of different patterns but don’t want to buy yardage. This one was filled with a bunch of Shot Cottons, a few lines from Art Gallery Fabrics, a couple Anna Maria Horner prints, some Birch Fabric lines and more! I loved this mix so much I actually used it in another project I’ll be sharing soon.

The charm pack was courtesy of Finch Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA. (the shop that put the pack together) It’s an awesome shop in downtown Leesburg that is filled with all of the most colorful fabrics. You can tell just from the charm pack used in this wreath what I mean. It’s about a 25 min ride from where I live, and we have made it a weekly stop now. The owner and everyone who works there has been super sweet too! Added bonus.

I usually only buy black, white, gray and teal fabrics, but theres something about this shop that makes me want to buy all the colors! ALL OF THEM! I even bought a charm pack that has green in it, something I’d normally shy away from. This is a big step for me, and I think I want to add more color to a lot more of my projects. So keep an eye out!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Clean Cut Fabric Petal Wreath for Silhouette America

  1. I absolutely LOVE that wreath. It’s gorgeous! And I wish my local fabric shops made charm packs like that! That’s such an awesome idea!

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