Flower Doodles

I hate to just sit around, I’d prefer to be kept busy. So when I get sick, I get super frustrated. This was the case the past two weeks, and to keep myself occupied I took up doodling in my sketchbook non stop. I’ve been meaning to get back into that habit anyway. It’s been too many years since I took time to just draw, and I am certainly very rusty.

flower_doodles_001Once I felt better I scanned in a few of my little flower doodles and decided to make a repeat pattern with them.

flowerdoodle_fabric_001Which then means I of course uploaded it to Spoonflower and ordered fabric swatches in a few colorways. I had to. I’ll post pictures of the fabric once it comes in.


Then I figured if I was already doing that, why not upload one of the colorways to Society6 too! I absolutely love the phone case, I think it was the perfect application for the repeat.

I noticed while I was on there that I had a promotion that I could share with all of you. From now until January 12th at midnight (PST) you can get FREE SHIPPING when you purchase anything for MY Society6 shop! (you must click the link to get the offer) I thought that was pretty cool, and I’m now wondering how often they do promotions like this?


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