It’s Cookie Selling Season!

cookieseason001We are now on to the second year of Girl Scouts and mostly still loving it. It can be overwhelming at times, but then there are times where it’s just plain fun!

A few weeks ago we started selling cookies, and this past weekend we started selling them at booths. My girls are in 1st grade, so 2 hours having to stand in one place can be a bit much. They usually last about an hour and a half.

So this year to add a tiny bit of fun to it all, I designed some costumes.

cookieseason004 cookieseason002I designed both cookie costumes in Illustrator and then printed out the templates. There is a front and back to both, with one strap being permanent and one being velcro for ease of use.

Our schedule normally has two girls behind the booth and two in front. With the costumes, I was able to have each girl where one for an hour, and then switch. This allowed for some change in environment and they lasted a little longer. We had a few meltdowns, but that’s to be expected.

I will not be selling the pattern to these, but I was thinking of making it a free download so other troop moms can make them for their girls. Would anyone be interested?

cookieseason003I also wanted to share the awesome table displays my girls decorated!

They cut the banners, made the clip on price tags and painted the crates the cookies came in to help with quick setup. I embroidered the sign and their names on the table cloth.

We do a lot of projects like this, and when I have free time I’ll try and share more!



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