Let Me Introduce Myself.


My name is Jessee.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I start rambling on about projects, my shops, my baby, my house and anything else I would like to write about…

First off, I am the sole owner and operator of Art School Dropout, A handmade jewelry and accessories company.

I have been at that for the past 7 Years! To me that number is crazy. I started out doing it as a hobby, but it QUICKLY became my full time job.
For awhile there I was working at keeping my store stocked, I was selling in loads of shops and I was traveling the country selling my wares…

Until two years ago when my husband and I decided to have a baby and the business side of my world slowed down.

Which brings me to the next part about me, I am a Mom to an adorable, and crazy, toddler that we will name “CT”.

She keeps me very busy in every way. She’s a smart little girl who loves books and climbing.
My husband works very long hours, so my “creativity time” is hard to come by.

I hope to use this Blog as an outlet for the things that I make.

So, I figure anything I forgot to mention will just be brought up later, no need to make this post any longer.

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