Newest Additions To Our Walls – May and June 2012

We buy a lot of artwork in this house, nothing to huge or crazy expensive. We prefer simple, nerdy and colorful. Also, I LOVE screen prints. I love how thick the paper is and how solid the lines and objects are. I even have tattoos based off of screen printed art!

I decided that at the beginning of each month I would share some of our purchases from the previous month. and since this is the first post, I’ll be sharing purchases from May and June.

As you can tell, We are both fans of Bill Mudron AND Doctor Who. We actually own more prints by this artist from awhile back too.


I also love buying screen printed and letterpress cards as art, they fit so nicely in between all the large pieces and make for a more pleasing cluster of art! I cant wait until I can share my finds next month too! I have already pinned a few I’d like.

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