Shop Update: July 13th

I think this is the most excited Ive been about a shop update since I first started casting plastic years ago!

I’ve been doing the same thing for so long, its been nice casting something new! I have been working on these designs for months. prototyping, picking out the right plastic, casting, tweaking the designs and assembling. I have been showing a lot of the process thru Twitter and Instagram if you want to see what all went into this…

This is the first part of the series. Basically the pieces that passed the prototyping and then tweaking process. I’m still working on way more!

This series is all original designs by me, Jessee, that have been 3D printed in glossy plastic. I make a mold of the printed pieces and cast them in plastic, and some of them then get filled with even more plastic! The process takes a lot longer than previous designs, but i’m much happier with the outcome. It’s all worth it to me!

In this update we have new earrings, new necklaces and one new brooch!

If you really love my new pieces, but don’t see the color you like let me know here! For the next 24 hours I will be taking requests for color combinations. I will begin casting them all tomorrow afternoon!

On another note, don’t forget the Adalou Blog is still hosting a giveaway and our Fab sale is still going on… both end Wednesday!!

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