Behind the Scenes: A Productive Weekend

We had a much different weekend than the last one, It was jammed pack with family and work. I hardly sat down. I was planning on doing a full on post this morning, but I have a friend and her adorable little boy headed over soon for a play date, plus I have a doctors appointment right afterwards. The post can wait until tomorrow.

For now I will leave you with an Instagram photo I took of the work I finished this weekend. I feel very accomplished. I’m really excited about the colors I produced, they are a lot calmer. Plus if you look closely you’ll see there is some new designs in there that haven’t been updated on the site yet. I’m hoping to work on that this week!!

How was your weekend? Did you get anything done?

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Behind The Scenes – July 8th – 12th, 2012

It’s been busy busy here since the sale started, so all I have time for today is a few behind the scenes shots. While I was waiting for all the plastic bees and wings to cure, I spent time also working on the new pieces that I will be updating soon!

As you can see, casting plastic is very messy!! ha, a huge colorful mess!

I’ll be back with more photos tomorrow!!

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Behind the Scenes: New Necklaces!!!

Remember back in January when I said I finally had new 3D printed designs? Well, after weeks of waiting for the prototypes to come in from the printers, and then a little longer for the revised prototypes to come in… I finally have something to show you!!

3D printed original, each necklace is two components, one a custom bezel and the other the piece that fits in. A mold was made of each of the designs and I then reproduced them all in a load of different colored plastic! Some earth toned, some bright and some neon!!

I expect to have the first three new designs up in the shop by the end of the weekend. I have 12 different colorways of two of the designs and three colorways of the little monster faces. They still don’t have a name… any suggestions?

several other designs will be debuted at the end of the month, I’m still waiting on the revised pieces to come in. I just couldn’t wait to show everyone!!!


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