If I Had Unlimited Funds: August 1st

I have pretty much only had fabric and sewing machines on my mind lately, so I haven’t really done a lot of internet window shopping. A lot being the magic word, I have done a little!!

So If I had unlimited funds (after I buy a new sewing machine) then I would totally buy…

unlimitedfunds_073013_0011 & 2Recluse T Shirt & Procrastinate Felt Pennant both by Stay Home Club! (I have been seeing a bunch of this companies products all over the internets lately and once I finally looked them up I was sold. I want it ALL).

unlimitedfunds_073013_0023Rose Gold Circle Wood Veneer Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft (If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you know just how much I adore all of Tumbleweeds Handcrafts glasses. I now have two pairs myself, but of course I want more. These new ones are just too neat!!)

unlimitedfunds_073013_0034 – Clementine Large Lampshade by Random Lights /// 5Oversized Handmade Reclaimed Wooden OK Sign by Ruby Rhino (I love both of the pieces for the same reason! They are wood and they have a lot of personality)

unlimitedfunds_073013_0046Rock Coral Earrings by Joanna Rutter (These are absolutely perfect for me! They have just the right amount of personality AND they’ll actually stay in my ears! My ears use to be stretched and ever since having CT I’ve let them shrink. Well now its hard to get any earrings that aren’t plugs to stay in properly. I think a design like this would work just right!)

unlimitedfunds_073013_0057Fantasy Dreamed Blue Manor Poster by Melle Marcel /// 8Gingerbread Victorian House Kit by Journey Productions

unlimitedfunds_073013_0069Glass house by Boxwood (what can I say, I just love houses!!)

So yeah, as you can see I haven’t been completely slacking when it comes to roaming the internets. I forgot how much I loved putting these posts together!



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