Just Two Words Project: Crabs & Orange

Just Two Words Project: Crabs & OrangeI’m two weeks behind on blogging about this project, but at least I’m up to date on actually illustrating them, right? Anyway, this was from two weeks ago, and the chosen words were Crabs (me) and Orange (Heidi)with the finished project being an umbrella.

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#AnimalDoodleADay – the First Set

Instagram is still one of my absolute favorite social networking sites right now, there is so much going on. Which is weird to say since its just a bunch of square photos that you can scroll through and like or comment on. That being said, it has been one of the things that has kept me going this past year and helps inspire me non stop! I have met some super great people that also inspire me. It has also been a great platform to help me grow as a crafter, artist and person. I constantly feel the need to try something new, post it and hear peoples thoughts on it. Instant feedback! One of my favorite things the internet/smart phones has given us.

Anyway, now onto what the doodles below are all about…

A new friend I have met through IG, Lindsay of Em & Sprout (she makes super duper cute prints, clothes and accessories) has set up a daily doodle challenge. #animaldoodleaday . She put together a list of 31 different animals to doodle (I struggle saying draw, because I’m not sure where my art belongs. A rant for another day). One animal for each day of the month. I don’t normally take part in these type of challenges, but I’ve been feeling stuck lately and I did buy myself some new pens last month, so “why not?”.

Every night before bed, I sit down with a pencil and a brush pen and I quickly draw that days animal. I try not to put too much thought into each one, because if I did, I’d psych myself out. I guess I’m a nervous artist.

I’m falling in love with the process of art all over again. Apparently it was the right time to jump back in, and ignore my worst critic… me. To help with my “art anxiety” I am going to post some of my pieces each week for the next four weeks. They aren’t in any particular order, I just put them together in a way that was pleasing to my eye.

So here goes…

animaldoodleaday_week1_003animaldoodleaday_week1_001 animaldoodleaday_week1_002animaldoodleaday_week1_005animaldoodleaday_week1_004I am nowhere near a perfect artist, but I feel like sharing everything I do will help my anxiety and confidence. Maybe. Haha. One nice thing that has come out of this exercise is I’m opening my mind up to a lot of options. I want to create again, I’m not feeling AS lost.

Am I the only one who gets nervous about sharing the stuff they draw?