A Quick Cuckoo Clock Painting

cuckooclock_001 cuckooclock_002For mother’s day I tried to come up with something original for my mom. She loves cuckoo clocks as of late and I thought maybe I could make something to go along with that. I did a quick sketch of a cuckoo clock using elements from numerous clocks I saw online. I inked it soon after. However I had no idea what to do with it. Most of my ideas would take too long. So I just took a picture of the sketch and showed my mom saying I’d make something with it soon. It’s the thought that counts right?

Fast forward a few days and I finally decided on painting it. A simple sketch like painting at first and then later I’d do a more colorful version for my mom. I bought a wooden canvas at a local craft shop and a few new brushes. I transferred the basic shape of the cuckoo clock and then freehanded the rest. I figured this first version would be great as my white elephant gift for Heidi’s crafternoon. I knew it was too simple for my mom and not really her style. It ended up going home with Molly, which made me super happy.

This very simple painting exercise has put me back in the mood to paint. Something I haven’t had the urge to do in almost a decade. I’m hoping it’s kinda like riding a bike, like you never really forget how to do it. I shake a bit now, which might make it difficult and things may not look as precise, but I’m still up for the challenge!

Plus I still need to paint my mom a damn cuckoo clock!!!

Mother’s Day: 2013

mothersday_002 mothersday_001


Mother’s Day this year was pretty calm. We spent the morning just hanging out together on the couch. I was actually able to sleep in a bit too! The afternoon was spent helping CT paint a gift for my mom, which you can see above. She wants to be a painter when she grows up now!. She seriously talks about it ALL THE TIME! The night was spent having a very nice dinner with my entire family, well most, my sister Cori wasn’t able to make it. In hindsight I don’t think I would change a single thing. Hopefully next year is just as nice.