My Weekend: the Brunswick Heritage Museum

railrd_museum_001 railrd_museum_002 railrd_museum_003 railrd_museum_004 railrd_museum_005 railrd_museum_006 railrd_museum_007 railrd_museum_008 railrd_museum_009This past weekend My Sister in law, her husband and three adorable kids came up to visit the railroad museum we have in town. It’s in downtown Brunswick and about a block away from the train tracks (which are right next to the Potomac River). I was a little unsure about how exciting it would be at first. I just went along with it because I enjoy seeing them.

What I did not take into account was that model trains come with little model houses! Loads of little houses!! I LOVE little houses! (you can read more about my love for them here) Some were even interactive! You could press a button and a house would look like it was on fire, or a ferris wheel would turn. It was so neat. Plus all of the sets were based off of local areas. There was a Washington DC train yard, Gaithersburg in the early 1900′s, Brunswick in the 50′s and a bunch more.

It was really hot inside though, and my nephews weren’t really tall enough to see most of the exhibit without being held, and holding one year olds while being really hot isn’t exciting. So we didn’t stick around too long. I really want to go back in the cooler months and get some better pictures, because again, I really LOVE little houses!

The rest of the weekend was also spent with family. We had lunch and play time with my sister in laws family, which was great. We then went to a birthday dinner for my husband and baby brother with my family that same night! On sunday we went and saw Monsters University with my sister and her family. That was really nice too and the movie was AWESOME!!!! Which means we’ll probably see it again soon.

I really needed this past weekend. I haven’t completely been myself and have been feeling really sick. I’ve had two colds in two weeks and also super horrible stomach pains. I found out I’m so bad off with gluten that I can’t even have dark colored sodas!! Caramel coloring has a little wheat in it! Ugh. My husband had bought a case of bottled coke a few weeks back, and I think me drinking one every so often really screwed with me. So no more soda for me! I hardly ever drank it anyway, so it’s no big loss. Today has been the first day were I actually have the strength to really work and get some stuff done. I’m probably more excited than I should be.


Thrift Finds: July 27th thru August 27th

We have been trying to stay in a bit more lately, to save money and to just have calmer days. I’m getting a load of projects done, CT is getting in more play time and my husband is getting really good at Minecraft. We actually went TWO WEEKS without going to a thrift or antique store. Amazing! We slipped back into the thrifting craziness the day we went to the aquarium. We had dinner with my mom to give my brother back and stopped by one of the shops near her that we always love! It just snow balled from there.

Here’s some of our finds…

I found some more Plasticville houses at a local antique mall. These are a smaller scale than the last set I found. Those were H scale, these are HO. There were a bunch in boxes  and just two already assembled (and cheaper). I usually only like houses, but I thought the five and dime store would be a cute addition. I’m up to six little buildings now, which means I need to find a home for them. Collections are always nicer looking when grouped, in my opinion. I feel it brings order and looks less hectic. Now to find some empty space! ha!

As usual, I also found a bunch of Pyrex. A few piece that are neat, and a couple that are just plain awesome. The two large pieces in the first photo were found on my birthday!! I had been looking for both pieces at a reasonable price since I started collecting and I found them both on the same day (at two different shops). I was so happy!! The red and orange piece is from the Friendship series and one of my favorite series. It didn’t come with a lid sadly, but I do already own the plate that goes underneath!! two out of three aint bad. The only name I know for the pink one is Pink Daisy. Pyrex people, is that right? Anyway, I really wanted a pink piece and was very happy to find one!

All of the other pieces are very neat and Im happy to have them as part of my collection!!

Along with collecting Pyrex I also collect Corelle dishes. I actually got excited about Pyrex because I found out that some of them matches Corelle pieces I already owned!

I’m not normally a person who has holiday themed mugs, plates, glasses, etc that only come out during the said holiday, but when I saw the above set I changed my mind. I found the whole set for $5! I’m totally keeping an eye out for more now. There is two different size mugs, both sets milk glass (by Corning) and five dessert plates.

Have you ever seen these before? Do you think it’ll be easy to find more?

Of course there is more travel plates for my collection! I’m crossing my fingers I have enough time to work on hanging these this weekend! The wall I’m going to put them on needs to be painted though. During our one year walk thru for our house (its new construction) they fixed some nail pops. Well they used the wrong paint color. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having them repaint again, so I need to paint over the brownish blotches before I can hang anything.

These chairs were the last finds from this past weekend! First off is two mini plastic schools chairs that match our dining room chairs, and are the perfect size for CT. I’m going to put them downstairs as part of a little art center I’m thinking of putting together.

The other find was this awesome, solid wood, mid century school chair. It’s a 1968 Buckstaff chair that apparently was used at St Marys College of Maryland. (I found all this info on the bottom of the chair! Ha, no google needed) It was $7 and is a perfect fit for our library. I’m trying to decide which books will be going on the bottom shelf. I think it’s a perfect place for those books that don’t fit properly on a regular bookshelf.

Whew, that was more than I expected to type! I even edited some of it down! I was just to happy worth everything we found. I also found a few other Pyrex pieces (that I’m putting aside for trades) and a really nice heavy duty tripod that aren’t pictured. I’m slightly angry at the tripod. I dropped it on my foot after purchasing it and it seems one of my toes may be broken. Thrifting can be dangerous, especially when wearing Vans that have zero protection for your feet. Ha!

Did anyone else find something awesome this weekend? Did you write about it? I’d love to see!

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Thrift Finds: July 15th thru July 26th

Our thrifting and antiquing trips haven’t been happening as much as they use to. It’s just too darn hot out, and most places don’t have efficient air conditioning!

Even with the heat, I have found some neat things during our short trips.

I have been searching high and low for a Plasticville model set that was ready for assembly for months now. It all started with that little yellow house I bought back in April. I found a cute little diner at my local hobby shop that I picked up, but I really wanted a house! I just love building houses. I found this one at a local shop for $5! They had a bunch. The rest were $20 or more, and the assembled ones were even more. If I really love assembling this set, I MAY go back for more. Building things is very therapeutic for me, and $20 is cheaper than a therapy session, right?

Oh and if your interested in little plastic houses too, check out my Pinterest board I started!

Of course it wasn’t a successful week, unless I found some Disney items! This time around I found another plastic Mickey and a Donald Duck to match my red Mickey from last time! My husband found me this awesome Small World 7″ record with read along story book insert. I’ve looked through every page and can not find the illustrator, but they are seriously awesome looking! Were planning a Disney trip for the fall, so weve been getting CT all excited about the rides and such, so things like this def help!!

I’m planning on showing all of my Disney memorabilia next week as part of my collection series, so if your interested please check it out!

The little blue guy was a funny find, it’s a rubber version of “Sulley” from Monsters Inc. The funny part about him is hes SKINNY! he’s not supposed to be skinny, he’s a big chubby monster. It was so weird we had to bring it home.

Oh and the random Brunswick soda bottle? We have been accidentally collecting soda bottles, and thought this one was neat since we live in Brunswick, MD. Simple.

As with the Disney stuff, I can’t seem to leave a place without at least one travel plate. This time I couldn’t seem to leave without TEN travel plates! They were mostly theme park and tropical island themed this time around, and not a single one cost more than $2!

I finally found a place to put all of them in the house! Once I’m done hanging ALL of the plates, I’ll make sure to share it here!!

Do you have weird compulsions to buy certain things at thrift shops? I’d love to know I;m not alone.

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