My Weekend: Pumpkins and Candy

We were a little late getting around to doing pumpkins this year. We were all still getting over being sick from vacation. Saturday was our towns day for Trick or Treating, so we knew we had to get them done. No more procrastinating. The pumpkins were from our trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend. Originally we were going to cut three of the large ones and let CT paint her little one. But the light pink one that I picked out (and forgot to take a picture of) was just too pretty to cut into. So we ended up only cutting two of them, and CT still painted her, as you can see above! She loved the painting part, but hated the getting paint on her part. Ha!

Here is her finished pumpkin…

… and these were the ones we cut. Mine is on the left and JC’s is on the right! (above photo, their switched in the bottom photo)

CT couldn’t make up her mind about what she wanted to be, everyday was something new. Towards the end of last week I asked if she would like to be Alice again, and she freaked out and said YES! So that what she was. This time I had her hair down, with a little black ribbon as a headband. I also put her in tights since it’s a bit cooler here than Florida. She was really eager to get ready and loved that everywhere knew who she was!! (If you’re interested in the pattern to make your own Alice dress, check out my post about it)

I was originally going to go trick or treating as a mounted deer head mask thingy I found. But last minute decided to dress as a hip Mad Hatter. It was actually my husbands idea by the way. I already had the hat from a Disneyland trip years ago, plus most of my clothes are brightly colored. Also, lucky for me, I forgot to straighten and do all that fancy stuff to my hair, so it was a huge curly mess. Perfect. Next year I’ll wear my deer head, and maybe JC can be a plush hunter or something.

We live in a new construction neighborhood, and were early moving in. So last year there were hardly any house. This year there were loads (apparently it was a good year for the builders). Loads of houses meant loads of candy! CT’s bucket got heavy halfway through, and we had to help her carry it all. Last year I was able to explain to tell CT that candy was only for looking at, so I didn’t have a super hyper kid running around. This year she caught on and ATTACKED her bucket the second we got back to the house. I don’t think she went to bed until about midnight Saturday. It was worth it, she had so much fun and can’t wait for next year!!

On a side note… we took advantage of the fact that she was wide awake Saturday night, and took an impromptu trip to the grocery store to get a bunch of dry goods in preparation for Hurricane Sandy! It wasn’t crazy at all. Yep, I’m going to talk about that… we live in Maryland and are in the path of the storm. Were expected to get loads of rain, winds over 80mph (we get bad wind to start with here) and possibly some snow. The power will most likely be out by late tonight. Our power is finicky as it is. I have one more blog post scheduled for tomorrow, but after that if you don’t see anything here it’s because we don’t have power! I hope all my east coast friends out there are doing ok, and are safe in their homes!! I’m also hoping it’s not as bad as expected, because really, were not prepared for this!! We moved to the mountains expecting just to worry about rain and blizzards. Instead in the past two years we’ve had two tornados, an earthquake, a tropical storm and now a hurricane. What is going on?!?

Anyway, again, be safe everyone!! and Happy Halloween, just in case I can’t say it on Wednesday.


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