Studio Spring Clean Blog Hop 2018

Studio Spring Clean Blog Hop 2018 {an Art School Dropout's life}

A month or so ago Cheryl Sleboda of and Sew Much Cosplay put out a call for bloggers to take part in the yearly Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop. We were asked to take a photo (or seven) of our studio as it was and then clean it up and share the difference.

Due to being very sick with numerous chronic illnesses, I haven’t really sewn in my studio since last November, so it was a complete and utter disaster. It had turned in to a dumping ground for all my sewing and craft supplies, as well as my daughters supplies (I didn’t know about that part until I started cleaning). I am also redoing my fabric, craft and product storage in my workroom (I know it sounds weird that there are two rooms, but they are rather small and one just couldn’t contain everything) and I was storing a lot of the bins holding my fabric in my studio.

It was ridiculous.

When ever I needed to sew something real quick, I’d just use my machine that I had stashed away in the dining room. Again, ridiculous.

So I jumped on the chance to force myself to clean my studio up. I NEEDED the push so badly.

If you are curious about how bad it was, and then what it looked like afterwards, then keep reading…

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Mini Fabric Bolts: The Best Idea EVER!

This past weekend we finally started working on my new sewing room. We spent Saturday at Ikea buying new shelves, and Sunday at home prepping the room for all my supplies and equipment. It was exhausting, and we are nowhere near done, but I’m beyond excited that it’s finally started. I want to share it so bad, but I feel like I should wait until it’s finished (which may be a few weeks since I forgot to buy another desk section while at Ikea)

One of the new features of the room will be awesome fabric storage. I’m a visual person, I need to see all my supplies, otherwise I forget what I have. I’m leaning more towards sewing lately, so knowing what I have is really really important. I’m covered when it comes to fat quarters, those are all in wire baskets. But yardage was starting to get hard to see, it’s so big and bulky, and I had nowhere to put it.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found Sew Fantastic’s post about making mini fabric bolts. The supplies are easy to find and the results are great. Now I can just place the full yard, and half yard, bolts on a Billy bookcase and see exactly what I have. Also, because of the different sizes I can tell if I have enough for a project just by looking at the shelf! Super perfect for everything I have planned this year.

Do any of you have some ideas on supply storage? I’d love to hear them, because I’m still trying to figure out a way to make my beads, and jewelry supplies visible.


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