If I Had Unlimited Funds: Designer Con 2012 – Part One

I’ve been meaning to put these posts together for about a week now, but with all the craziness during the storm (we did lose power and some trim on our house) and then getting ready for Crafty Bastards, I just ran out of time!

Anyway, this post, and the next one will be dedicated to Designer Con! What is Designer Con you ask? Well to quote their website… “Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art!“. It’s a one day event, this Saturday, November 3rd in Pasadena, CA. It looks awesome, and I’m seriously bummed I can’t go. Maybe next year?!? (hint hint JC).

Just because I can’t go doesn’t mean I can’t look at, and dream about, all the awesome stuff that will be there. So If I Had Unlimited Funds to go the Designer Con 2012, I would buy…

1 - 6″ RAAR! by Gary Ham /// 2 - I Don’t Wanna Grow Up print by Brett 2D Bean

3Florene & Talbert print by doubleparlour /// 4white resin ovok sculpt by Odd Fauna

5Ghost Larm by Sawdust Bear (I have been eying these for awhile now, you should check out the entire site, there are so many neat “specimens”)

6Curiosity Resin by Nathan Hamill (via Pretty in Plastic) /// 7Yummy Face Coin Purse by Jupey

8Owl Tote by Crowded Teeth(one of my all time favorite artist!!) /// 9Narwhal Plush Art Doll, Norbert by Nonesuch Garden

10CrappyCat Tuf-Fluck by Crappy Cat /// 11Bronze Polkadot Cavey by A Little Stranger

12BOOMBOT1 LAZ-E BLUE by Boom Botix (It’s a wireless speaker that looks like a little monster! how cute!)

So these were the first half of all the things I thought were super cute!! I just couldn’t narrow it all down, everything is so neat looking. Check back tomorrow for the rest of my favorites!!

If you’d like to see all of the other vendors, check out the list here.

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: October 11th

1Silver Whale Ring by Pica Pica Press (they have loads of neat nerdy jewelry) /// 2You Guys Are So Unhip – Douglas Adams quote poster by Chatty Nora (I’m also really loving this IT Crowd quote)

3Misfits Tribute by La La La Shop (I think is super awesome! Any of you guys fans of this show?)

4Wednesday Addams Original Painting by Stephanie Buscema /// 5You Are the Marty to My Jennifer Card by March Stationary

6Dr Who Timey Wimey Tardis Clock by Unicorn Empire (I think its funny its $42 btw) /// 7Tardis Necklace also by Pica Pica Press

8I Don’t Have Friends Print by Nan Lawson (you can find loads of pop culture prints here, my second favorite is The Piemaker) /// 9Pixel People – the IT Crowd Cross stitch Pattern by weelittlestitches (I’ve done a few of their patterns before, and obviously loved them, you can see one here)

So if you didn’t get the theme, I’ll let you in on it… It’s all nerdy pop culture stuff. I live for things like this. I love showcasing it all in my home, and on myself. I use to hide all my favorite things away, in fear that I would be made fun of. (I watched Stargate SG-1 from the start, when it was aired in the middle of the night, but I never told anyone until my husband) That’s totally not the case anymore.

I’m proud of my interests. I love TV. I love movies. I love anything to do with time travel, and I love everything Douglas Adams says… Plus so much more, I just love it all!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: October 4th

1Wooden Twin Lens Camera Necklace by bRainbow /// 2Pirate Playmobil Toy Art Block by Mara Minuzzo (I’ve been eying these prints for awhile! I thought they would look super cute with my actual Playmobil collection)

3Forest Park Postcard Set by Quill and Fox (a full sized poster is also available)

4Dia de los Muertos Cardigan in Black from ModCloth /// 5Skull Earrings by Hestia Jewelry

6Grindle Authentic Sneakers by Vans . (no matter how pretty I think some girls shoes are, I will always prefer wearing a nice basic pair of vans! I love them!)

All of todays “window shopping” finds are things that I would like for myself!! I was going to share some of the things I wish I could have for my new sewing room, but I couldn’t narrow it down just yet. Ha.

Oh and hint-hint family members, If any of you would like to get me any of these items for Christmas, I’d be cool with that! Ha!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: September 28th

I’ve been working behind the scenes a lot lately. I’m about to switch a few rooms, and finally finish CT’s room. It’s already really cute. I just have some finishing touches to do, like paint, chair rail, curtains, etc.

If I had unlimited funds I’d love to add a few more items…

1Multi Colored Glass Shade by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. (CT already has this light, but it gives off a very unsettling orange glow and we would really like to change it ASAP) /// 2Princess and the Pea Bedding by Land of Nod

3Pull Up a Pouf (Aqua Variegated) also by Land of Nod (she HAD an awesome beanbag, but it unfortunately was a victim of our last cold and was not able to be cleaned!) /// 4Elephant Wooden Mobile by Freya Art & Design

5I Feel Like A Super Today print by Helen Dardik (She is seriously my new favorite artist! I love everything she does) /// 6Princess Art Prints – Set of 6 by Loopz Art

7Unicorn White Papier-Mache Head by Dwell Studio /// 8Rosette Blossom Round Rug also by Dwell Studio (It would go great with CT’s Dwell Studio for Target dresser)

I know that kids change their mind ALL THE TIME about what they want, so I’m not going to go super crazy with CT’s room just yet. Were keeping it very basic with no real theme. All the artwork can be changed out, and I’m even buying a few new rolls of washi tape specifically to tape up prints of whatever is in at the moment. Nothing permanent.

It is neat to dream about what I could buy though!! Kid’s stuff is so much cooler now than when I was a kid, or even a decade ago when my siblings were little! It’s awesome.

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: September 19th

1Art Print – Happiness is Homemade – by Small Talk Studio (I have their “Full Bobbin”  print already and love how vibrant it is) /// 2 - Rustic Bar Stool by West Elm

3Blue Floral Recipe Cards by Rifle Paper Co. /// 4Heirloom Recipe Card Box also by Rifle Paper Co.

5Firefly Pendant Lamp by CB2 /// 6Mama Haihai Storage Container by Camila Prada (there’s an entire set of them available for pre-order right now!)

Today’s finds are all items I would LOVE to have in my kitchen/morning room. It’s a pretty nice sized kitchen area, but there aren’t many walls open for decorating, and the one huge wall available I painted in a dark gray chalkboard paint for CT. I do have a kitchen peninsula type thing that could really use a different light fixture (the last one kinda, sorta caught fire in the cord a little because I put the wrong light bulb in it… maybe… I’ll explain more at another time). It would also totally benefit from some bar stools, since people seem to gravitate to that area when they come over.

I’m also tempted to do a back splash myself one of these days. I’m torn between the normal 1×2 white subway tiles (with dark gray grout) or these plus sign ceramic tiles in white. I’m kinda scared I’ll mess up!!

P.S.: For those of you who were having issues commenting the past few weeks, the problem has been resolved! Thanks for letting me know!!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: September 11th

I enjoyed posting the things I found and wanted online last week. So I decided to share some more. This time I picked items that I’ve pinned on Pinterest for either myself or my home.

1Girl in Boots Leggings – by ZIBtextile /// 2Wood Veneer Sunglasses by Tumbleweeds Handcraft (I didn’t link to a specific pair because I myself can’t decide which ones I like the best!)

3Large Liberty Satchel by Dr. Martens (I have been wanting this bag ever since I purchased these boots)

4Mega Munny 18-inch Glossy White Edition by Kidrobot (I think this would look awesome in my library, as is) /// 5National Parks Checklist Map Print by Ello There

6The Atwood Sofa by Gus Modern … We currently have the Karlstad three seater in Isunda Gray by Ikea, I love it! But it’s already wearing bad and light gray really isn’t the best color to have with a toddler in the house! I’m not saying teal is any better, but whenever the Karlstad dies, I’m hoping this or this will be the replacement!

A girl can dream right?

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