Sneak Peek: Triangles, Triangles, Triangles!

double_triangle_necklace_goldroyalblue_001 double_triangle_necklace_goldroyalblue_002 double_triangle_necklace_whitesgoldslivers_001I spent most of yesterday assembling necklaces, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing product descriptions and of course taking caring of a very curious toddler (“momma, what is a backdrop again?”) I am happy with about 50% of the photos I took, so today will most likely be spent taking more photos and then editing them.

The 50% I did like, I REALLY liked! So much so that I felt the need to share three of them! I also really wanted to share these new necklaces I made. I designed them for myself, for my picky taste. I figured there may be others out there who like the same exact style as me, so I made a handful for the shop too. My plan is to have them up and ready by Friday, but my luck is horrible these days…

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