The Black, White & Gray Half Hexie Quilt

halfhexie_cori_001Back in December I had these grand plans (like usual) to make a quilt for my little sister Cori for Xmas. She had mentioned she’d love a B&W Quilt, and I just happen to have a very large stash of B&W fabric, so I figured “why not?”

Well, life happened… My machine broke right before the holidays, I had the flu and then pneumonia, and then more and more. Seriously, Life.

halfhexie_cori_002I returned from QuiltCon feeling very energized and determined. I felt like I could finish all of my half finished projects and feel great afterwards. Well, ha, Life happened again…

but beforehand I finished this awesome quilt!!!

halfhexie_cori_003It’s kind of a cheater hexagon quilt since it’s actually half hexagons sewn together by machine. Instead of the hand sewing craziness I normally do. I used my AccuQuilt GO! Half Hexagon Die┬áto cut out the pieces fast and accurately. I then arranged all the pieces on the floor until I liked the way they looked and took a photo. I put each row in a pile and chain pieced the entire quilt top using the photo as a reference.

The finished quilt top measures 60″x72″. The back is my all time favorite Widescreen in Gray by Carolyn Friedlander and the binding is the normal width version in black.


I ended up quilting the whole thing using around 15 different colored threads in straight lines of different widths. I just couldn’t decide on a perfect color, so I did a bunch. It turned out great and might be my new favorite way to quilt these quilts!!


Due to the weather, and the fact that I wanted to give the quilt to my sister as soon as I finished, I kind of rushed taking photos of the finished piece. I wish I could have shown the back, or the texture better! Oh well, I’m happy I have some photos to share and I’m super super happy my sister has a quilt to cuddle with!!

I’m also excited its a little brighter and warmer outside, which means more quilt photos for me to post!!!


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