The Day After Thanksgiving 2011

CT and I have had a slight cold all week, and I thought we were getting better.

I was seriously wrong. I ended up with a horrible fever Thanksgiving night and CT was up most of the night with a hacking cough.

CT has been watching a lot of Christmas specials and was really into the idea of the holidays. So to make the day after Thanksgiving special, and to counteract the horrible night before, we decided to start decorating for the holidays.

We were still sick, and my husband was starting to show signs of a cold, but we still lugged all the decoration boxes up from the basement. I had to go through everything and pick out all the fragile ornaments, I could do without them for a few years. Apparently I love plastic though, because I didn’t have to take out too many.

Yo Gabba Gabba has a Christmas episode where they sing about decorating the tree. CT sang it the entire time! She even hummed it a few times.

She only wanted to hang the candy canes and the round bulbs. She accidentally broke half of the candy cane’s and she hung all of the bulbs on one branch. It was super cute.

The tree has only been up one day, and so far CT has only taken off about a dozen ornaments. That’s not too bad, right?

I figured we were putting up one of our tree’s, so why not put up the other one! Yes, we have two trees. CT calls the white tree “mommy’s tree”. It’s my clearance tree I bought last year and is filled with either hand cast plastic ornaments or clearance ornaments. It’s our fun tree.

I’m nowhere near done decorating. I still have loads of ideas running through my head. like maybe some quilted tree skirts? or some stuffed fabric trees? or how about some glittery snowflakes for the yard? Maybe even some more ornaments for the tree?

So expect more posts like this one. hopefully a lot more. As long as our cold goes away soon.

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