Time For Some Change…

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what direction I would like to take Art School Dropout. I realized I really enjoy working on my new pieces and I don’t enjoy working with the older pieces as much anymore. The change has been nice. I even have 20 new pieces coming in from the printers soon!!!

So to jump start the switch over I have started listing lots of un-assembled hand cast plastic pieces as supplies.

Now everyone else can use these pieces for whatever they like! They are flat backed and lightweight! They can be used in collages, as pendants, hairpins or anything else that you can think of!

I like to be prepared for large orders, so I always cast a bunch of each piece. There’s so many it may take me awhile to get them all up. For now you can snag a bunch of various lots, plus some lots of just one color!!

If you’d prefer an assembled piece, I have discounted all of the older designs. 40% off!

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