Art School Dropout and

So, you know all those work in progress photos I’ve been posting? And all of those hints at something big?

Well here’s the awesome news…

Art School Dropout is partnering up with for a week long sale!!!



We are going to be part of the Kids / Teen section! So the sale won’t go live at 11am like normal, but instead at 7pm Wednesday night!!! Thats why its going to last 7 whole days! We’re super excited!

We will be selling loads of our usual design, plus some new pieces made specifically for Fab!!

So please check it out tomorrow night, and tell all of your friends!!!!!!!

If your not familiar with Fab , then let me tell you all about it… is a website that has daily deals on awesome stuff. Lots of art, modern design, jewelry and more. Items are anywhere from 30% to 70% off! The sales only last a short time, so once something sells out, it’s gone. They are a membership based shopping website, but it’s free to join! They also have an incentive program. You get a $25 credit for every new member you get to join who purchases something within 30 days. You can read more about them and sign up on their website, or mobile app.

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