Monster Buttons and Plastic Bezels…

Here is a nice sneak peak at the other new item coming to Art School Dropout soon!

I have been scouring the internet for the past few years for the perfect bezel that would perfectly fit fabric covered buttons. I didn’t want scalloped edges. I didn’t want thin metal edges. I wanted something with thick sides and a loop on the top, and I wanted them in every single size that buttons came in. I had ZERO luck!!

So I was about to send off the files for my new necklaces to be printed and I thought “well, I’m already paying shipping, why not try out a round bezel too”. So I whipped up a protoype and sent it off with the other files.

The first one that came in wasn’t perfect, the walls were too thin, too rough and the loop on the top was too fragile. I pumped up the design a little and had it printed in a smoother, glossier plastic. The second piece was exactly what I wanted!

I made a mold and cast it in a few colors to try it out. I used a size 36 fabric covered button that didn’t have a loop on the back. they fit so perfectly that I still can’t get the first one out!

I hope to have these BLANK bezels for sale in the coming weeks, I’m still perfecting the mold to make them as clean and user friendly as possible.

For now I do have a few necklaces for sale that use this bezel and my own fabric that I had printed by spoonflower.

Oh and if anyone is interested in trying out these bezels themselves, let me know! I’m looking for testers!!!

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