Behind The Scenes: Sewing Little Dresses

As I said yesterday, the weather has been really dreary. So I haven’t had the chance to get good photos of what I’ve been working on. Instead I have these photos I quickly took while sewing.

I’m making CT four dresses for our Disney vacation later this month, each with a different theme. I have finished three of them so far and I’m about to go start the last one. Which is also the hardest one for me. Lot’s of “make it up as you go” pieces involved. I’m also aiming to make a crayon roll, and a few random pouches. I might get it all done, who knows.

While I’m sorta on the topic of travel. Have any of you flown with a toddler? A very energetic toddler? Our flight is only two hours long, but I’m still antsy about how it’s going to go. Any and all suggestions to make it a bit easier are greatly appreciated!!!

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