Giveaways: Part One

I took some time off after the Fab sale. I needed some time away from making. I watched a little Doctor Who, made some baked goods, and did a bunch of thrifting.

To get back into things, I’ve decided to do a few giveaways!!

One for my Blythe Fans and one for my Jewelry Fans.

Let’s start it all off with a Blythe giveaway ( the jewelry one will be later in the week )…

I know some of my Blythe fans aren’t sewers, so I split todays giveaway into two. So technically I’m having THREE giveaways this week!

First off, for the non sewers or the lazy…


We are giving away everything pictured above! An entire Mini Art School Dropout outfit, or two.

- one teeny tiny Juxtapose Necklace
- one teeny tiny bee hairpin
- one Blythe sized beanie
- one Blythe sized mini skirt
- two Blythe sized A Line dresses
- one doll sized tote bag

Next up for all my sewing Blythe Fans…


I am giving away TWO Fat Quarters and your choice of THREE swatch sets.

All the fabric designs are scaled down to be perfect for any small doll designs!

All the swatches are 8″x8″,the Fat Quarters are 18″x21″, and are printed with water based inks on Kona cotton. You can see the available sets below:


Now for the technical talk:

There are two ways to enter this giveaway! The first way is to comment on this here post telling me your favorite Blythe name… One of your own or someone else’s girl. (my first girls name is Random!). The second way to enter is to mention this giveaway somewhere else, just post a comment with the link!

Make sure they are two separate comments! That was you get counted twice!!

Please also let me know if you like clothes or fabric! Or both!

This giveaway will run for a little less than SEVEN days, to give everyone a chance. So you have until Monday, April 16th to enter. I’ll choose a winner by random on Wednesday and notify thm right away!

Good Luck Everyone! And stay tuned for our jewelry giveaway later this week!

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23 thoughts on “Giveaways: Part One

  1. Why is it when you try to think of something you never can… I know there are tons of dolly names that I love – but right now I am drawing a blank! I will go with Zoe… I love that name and would have named a human daughter Zoe if I had ever had one…

    And if I was lucky enough to win – I would be happy with either! I am so glad you are getting back into creating dolly stuff!

  2. I have several favorite names! My friend Amanda has a girl named Paprika and I think that’s just cute as can be. And then my very first Blythe is named Dorset which is my favorite name ever! And I’ve been considering Hyacinth for when I get another Blythe because its another favorite name. :) Haha!! Thank you for the lovely giveaway! (Also, I love the clothes, but wouldn’t turn anything down, haha!)

  3. I alaways have the hardest time with names. I really like the weird ones though. Toast, Plum, etc… maybe i’m just obsessed with food hahahaha!
    I also really like the boy names for the girls. I have one named Frankie and one names Ed

  4. I love coming up with names. I had so many ideas Bailey, Maxine, Penelope you get the idea. I finally decide on Penny Lane. I love it! I have a bunch of scrap parts so I’m gonna try to make my own we’ll see how that turns out. Haha

  5. Jesseesuem I bought a huge lot of random Blythe clothes on ebay and she sent me a head that was clearly painted on with nail polish so I’m gonna try to repair it and find her a body!

  6. My favorite Blythe name is Zella (my Gbaby custom vampire).
    I LOVE your fabric designs so much! They are some of my absolute favorite fabrics……so fabric ;-)

  7. There are so many cute Blythe names. One that has always stuck with me is my friend Amber’s Blythe, Miss Aggie Mae. I think it is so sweet.

  8. I love all of my Blythes but will enter my latest who is named ” Ellis ” :)
    And call me lazy but my Blythe **needs** her own juxtapose necklace (but I would love to win either grouping!)
    Thanks so much for the fun giveaway!

  9. I am a sewer at heart, so I am always on the lookout for fabric to make my own outfits! My favorite that I’ve seen was a red head with long wavy hair named Gentle Rivers. Thank you for the giveaway!

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