Behind the Scenes: Preparing for BlytheCon


In early August I took a trip to Seattle, WA to be a vendor at BlytheCon 2014. I spent most of June and July preparing for the show. There was lots of casting, cutting, sewing and building.

I had documented some of it over on Instagram and thought it would be neat to put it all together here on the blog.

Blythecon_prep_007 Blythecon_prep_006 Blythecon_prep_005 Blythecon_prep_004 Blythecon_prep_003 Blythecon_prep_002 I had a lot of fun coming up with new designs and trying to figure out how to make a display that would fit in my suitcase. The show itself was sort of a bust (I’ll talk more about that later) but the trip was great! I can’t wait to share more.

 Also, if you are new here and would like to keep up on all the new projects I will be posting then please add me on BlogLovin!

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My Weekend: I Hosted a Blythe “Party”

This past weekend I hosted a blythe “party” or get together. There was only five of us total, plus CT running around, so I’m not sure if that would be considered a party or just a small gathering? I never know. I had grand plans to take loads of photos to share on here, but as usual I got caught up with real life (that’s a GOOD thing) and only took a few shots

blytheparty_032414_001My sweet husband help me set up and put all the food together, since I’m moving a little slower these days. Didn’t he do a great job?!? All simple snacks that don’t require a plate. One guest just used the table (I won’t name names) which was exactly why I used Kraft paper, instead of a real tablecloth. Messes were welcome!

blytheparty_032414_002 blytheparty_032414_003I had been trying to figure out something super simple we could do while hanging out, and I seriously could not think of a thing for TWO MONTHS! Then, of course, I had an idea the night before. I quickly stitched up a few knit hats that we could embellish with beads and plastic flowers from my craft stash. It was super easy and all the hats ended up really cute!

blytheparty_032414_004My sister Cori (who a few of you have possibly met if you’ve ever seen me at a craft show) has been experimenting with making Blythe clothes and accessories lately. I just had to share this adorable dress and skirt she made!! How cute are they? She’ll be attending BlytheCon with me in August, and I’m urging her to bring a bunch of these!

blytheparty_032414_005You guys also get the privilege of seeing the aftermath! This was me thinking “oh no, I forgot to take photos today!!!” and quickly snapping this before putting everything away.

I had a lot of fun and am so glad to see the girls who came!! Maybe I’ll host one again?

I’m also super excited about the fact that my house is pretty clean and kinda tidy right now. Having parties is a great way to keep your house presentable. Ha, my husband says it’s one of the reasons he’s cool with having so many.


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Vending at BlytheCon 2014: Seattle…

BlytheCon VendingI found out this past weekend that I will be a vendor at BlytheCon Seattle! It’s August 2nd, 2014 at the Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion. I am excited, it will be my first time selling the eye chips in person, plus I have plans for some new products.

My little sister Cori is most likely coming with me, and it will be our first time visit the Pacific Northwest. So if theres anything you think we should check out in Seattle, and possibly Portland, let me know!!! Also if you will be attending, I’d love to know about that too.

Kaleidoscope Kustoms: Mommy’s Little Monster Custom Blythe Doll

About two months ago I was contacted by Sarah of Kaleidoscope Kustoms, a customer and friend who designs gorgeous custom Blythe dolls. She had just purchased one of my Cloud Monster Necklaces and was curious if it would be ok if she reproduced one of my fabric designs on the lids of a girl she was working on. How cool is that request? Of course I said “YES”!

All I requested in return was some photos to share on this here blog…

KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_001 KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_002 KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_003… and here they are!! I think she did an amazing job! I seriously had the biggest smile on my face when she tagged me in the photos! Oh and look what she used the necklace for. A pull ring!

KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_004This is the fabric that was sent to her for inspiration (you can find it on spoonflower along with all my other monster designs). I’m thinking I may want one for myself now, maybe using this fabric as a jumping off point instead?

If you are interested in any more of Sarah’s work you can check out her blog or flickr account! Everything she does is so beautiful, I bet if you don’t have a Blythe doll yet, you’ll want one just so she can customize it!!

Please note that the first three photos are courtesy of Sarah Glahe/Kaleidoscope Kustoms and the rights belong to her. I asked permission before using!

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