Kaleidoscope Kustoms: Mommy’s Little Monster Custom Blythe Doll

About two months ago I was contacted by Sarah of Kaleidoscope Kustoms, a customer and friend who designs gorgeous custom Blythe dolls. She had just purchased one of my Cloud Monster Necklaces and was curious if it would be ok if she reproduced one of my fabric designs on the lids of a girl she was working on. How cool is that request? Of course I said “YES”!

All I requested in return was some photos to share on this here blog…

KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_001 KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_002 KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_003… and here they are!! I think she did an amazing job! I seriously had the biggest smile on my face when she tagged me in the photos! Oh and look what she used the necklace for. A pull ring!

KaleidoscopeKustoms_mol_004This is the fabric that was sent to her for inspiration (you can find it on spoonflower along with all my other monster designs). I’m thinking I may want one for myself now, maybe using this fabric as a jumping off point instead?

If you are interested in any more of Sarah’s work you can check out her blog or flickr account! Everything she does is so beautiful, I bet if you don’t have a Blythe doll yet, you’ll want one just so she can customize it!!

Please note that the first three photos are courtesy of Sarah Glahe/Kaleidoscope Kustoms and the rights belong to her. I asked permission before using!

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New Pouches and Instant Downloads!

I’ve added a couple of new pouches to the shop! Plus I put around 25 items on sale. They can be found here.

Oh and Etsy did something pretty cool! They added an option with digital files so you can download them immediately after purchasing them! How cool is that? No more waiting!!

I just updated the Geometric Paper Piecing pattern above so that it would be easier. this is kinda making me want to create more patterns. It was a lot of fun, especially the testing part. I’m also really enjoy seeing everyone else’s finished pieces! Keep them coming!

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