House Tour: The Library

As I’ve been talking about here and there, we are in the middle of finally settling down in our home. It only took us a year and a half, but oh well, we plan on being here a long time. Plus I like the concept of a slow home, where you think about every purchase and where to put everything. Not rushing into it all because you NEED something on your walls.

To sorta celebrate the fact that four rooms are ready, not complete (they’ll never be complete in my eyes), I’ve decided to share some of them in a mini house tour!

The first room I’m going to share is our library! Or, the room that had no other purpose so we just stuffed it with books and toys and called it a library! Ha. I think it was meant to be a sitting room.

I talk about it all the time, but I’ll say it again, we’re collectors. We collect everything! I try to not let the collections take over. I notice by grouping like items it’s all, slightly, less overwhelming. All like books together, all Disney pieces on the same hutch, all playmobil people lined up, etc etc.


This is years and years of collecting and I know we’re not done. We haven’t made it to this room yet with paint, so pretty soon I’ll be taking everything off the wall. I might put everything back the same way, or I may change it around. Nothing ever stays the same in this house, everything is constantly being moved and reorganized. I like it that way!! Less stale. I’ll make sure to post photos once I’m done!!

Did you see CT’s photo bomb? She’s insisted on being in at least one photo every time I try and photograph a room. So keep an eye out!!

So, quick question, is this type of post something I should do more often? I love decorating my home, and if everyone is interested, I’d love to share it too!!

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11 thoughts on “House Tour: The Library

  1. Yes- keep it up! I love seeing your home- in many ways it’s similar to mine and very different too (mainly because it’s big and you have better stuff. Also, everything I plan on doing with my blog (collections, home tours) you get to first. I’m not copying you!

    • Thank You!! And don’t go saying I have better stuff!! I’ve seen your stuff, it’s awesome too. If we combined our homes, we’d have a super home!! Cape, mask and all. Ha. Also I know you wouldn’t be copying, everyone does house tours and talks about collecting!!

  2. I love it, its stunning, and is that an Eames? Oh and thank you for being a sponsor we are very appreciative!
    -XO meg

  3. Hi there! I like your library, it’s casual and beautiful and functional. Thanks for showing us and I’ve got this linked to my home libraries post too today, well done!

  4. I’m in awe. Your house is gorgeous!! I have tons of collections too, but I really like how you display them. I love the white ceramic skull! May I ask where you got it?

    • Thank you so much!! It’s taken me many years to figure out how not to be cluttered, ha. It use to be all out of control!
      and the ceramic skull is a piggy bank from the kids section at Target. It was part of the Shawn White home decor series.

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