Used Books

After photographing the library, we got the itch to buy more books!! Of course, right? Ha.
So we headed to our favorite used bookstore! Wonderbook in Frederick.


It’s one of those shops where the books are placed in the right categories, but there’s soooo many books that their just stacked and placed wherever. I love that!!


We had been going as a couple for years, picking up whatever caught our eye. But now it’s even more interesting because we have CT. Their children’s book section is huge and has great prices on really cool books.


Usually she finds something here, but this past trip she was a bit distracted. CT and her daddy have started collecting Pez dispensers! A collection I’ll share eventually on here. I thought it would be neat to find a Pez collectors book for them. Well, I found TWO. I’m so glad I did, those books were a huge hit with CT. She has already spent hours flipping through them picking out ones she already has and ones that are “really cute!”. She’s actually looking through one right now as I type.


I ended up picking out a few books for her, and me, from the kids section. Plus my husband found the Douglas Adam’s book and the Hitchhikers Guide companion book for me. I’m a huge Douglas Adam’s fan. I actually just got a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy themed tattoo last month and CT’s middle name is a character from the book. Yep, again, we’re those nerds. Haha.

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