I Think I’m Going To Quilt

I’ve taken on a new hobby. I’m going to quilt!

I’ve always had a thing for quilting and patchwork books, but I was never sure I could actually pull it off myself. After making that potholder not too long ago, I realized it may actually be possible for me to quilt larger items. Maybe even an entire full sized quilt.

During my “winter vacation” I started practicing my sewing skills on different patterns. I now feel very comfortable making a texas star, a wonky cross, intersecting crosses and geometric 45 degree triangles.I may be wrong on the names, I get my information from the internets.

I made a few pillows, pouches and a runner. I kept a few for myself, but I plan on adding the rest to the shop. I’ll show pictures when the light is better.

I now feel comfortable enough to make an entire TWIN SIZED QUILT! yep, I said it, a real life quilt. The whole process is overwhelming me, but I really enjoy a challenge. I really enjoyed sewing the intersecting crosses pattern, so I thought that would be a good design for me to start out with.

CT just moved to a big girl bed, so of course my first quilt would be for her!

I absolutely love Lizzy House’s 1001 Peeps fabric collection. I ordered a fat quarter of the entire purple collection, 8 patterns total. I also ordered about 6 Kona solids to match too. I did a paper mock-up of the quilt, that way I could move the crosses around to get exactly the feel I want. I don’t know what fabric I’ll be using for the back yet or the binding, any thoughts?

I’m still waiting for the Kona solids to arrive, once their here I’ll start showing my progress!

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