If I Had Unlimited Funds: February 17th

I have spent so much time stuck on the couch or in bed with one ridiculous cold after another. I can not wait until this winter is over! Normally I’m all about the cold. I love bundling up and wearing layers. If I could walk around with a quilt wrapped around me all day every day, I would!

This down time has caused me to internet window shop way more than usual. So after three months of adding things to pinterest and numerous wish list and decided to do another one of these posts. So, If I Had Unlimited Funds i’d totally buy…

unlimitedfunds_021714_0011One of a Kind Eames RKR by cast + crew (I’m not normally into the color red, but lately I have been drawn to it. Is that weird?)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0022Sherlock Print by Tillieke (How amazing would this look on the wall!? I NEED it) /// 3Mini Quote – Douglas Adams by Britt Wilson (One of my favorite quotes by my favorite author!)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0034 - Marva RX Glasses by Warby Parker (I’ve been on the rx glasses kick. I needed a new pair and have tried on sooooo many in the past few months. I finally found a pair of dark red ray bans that were perfect. I know that dark red doesn’t go with everything so I’m now on the search for a second, inexpensive pair for the days I’m not into mismatching. which isn’t too many days)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0045Nerd Art Print by Little Atae

unlimitedfunds_021714_0056Dodecahedron Mobile by submicrocosm (my new love of paper and my old love of anything geometric all in one!) /// 7Paper Unicorn by Paperwolf (how awesome is this?!?! They also make other animals and they are all just as gorgeous!)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0068Metal Wall Shelf by Eina (I love enameled metal and the color teal, so this little shelf is perfect! It comes in other colors too.)

unlimitedfunds_021714_0079I Work Out, Just Kidding I Watch Netflix Tank by Active Apparel (ha, way too true) /// 10  - Shimmer Authentic Vans (these are so neat! It’s like my tomboy side and my newly aquired girly side collaborated and made a pair of shoes!!!!)

So you’ve seen a tiny peek into my window shopping world, so now I can ask…

Are there any shops you think I’d really like? Please share!!!

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