If I Had Unlimited Funds: March 18th

This week I decided to do another random assortment of things I have been eyeing lately!

I’m still on the gluten once a day deal, so I’m still tired and have had a lot of time to browse the Internets and basically window shop!

So if I had unlimited funds to buy whatever I wanted, I’d buy…

1 - Dreamy Morning Roe Dress by ZIB Textile (How amazing is this dress? there’s geometric shapes, deer and its teal! One of my favorite colors!)

2Organic Silver Post Earrings with White Gold Sparkles by tiny galaxies /// 3Scooter Necklace by Strangely Yours (How cool is this thing? It’s laser cut and can move!! Plus you can customize the license plate!! Plus its a scooter, I LOVE scooters!)

4Planet Poster 1 by Debbie Carlos /// 5Holding Pattern Overnight Bag on ModCloth

6Personalized Polaroid Portrait by Danny Brito (I think this is great, you send the artist a photo, and he does a Polaroid type illustration for you!)

7Twilight Fox Print by Hillary Bird /// 8Hexagonal Eco Resin Ring by Rosella Resin

9Wood Pendant Collar with Gold Geometric Pattern by the Twenty Fingers

10Alice in Wonderland tee on Uniqlo /// 11Modern Throw Blanket by Little Hip Squeaks (most of the items in the shop are for little ones, but I just love the simplistic patterns so much. I was excited to find out they made large throw blankets!)

I’m getting closer to the date when I can stop eating gluten again (April 10th to be exact), so I’m hoping to show more projects and less window shopping afterwards!!




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One thought on “If I Had Unlimited Funds: March 18th

  1. I have a necklace from tiny galaxies that I love! She makes such cool jewelry. I also love that ring and necklace. Our style seems to be very similar!

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