Spinning Icosahedron Mini Quilt: Release Day

Today is THE DAY! I have checked and rechecked the PDF many times and most of the testers have sent me finished photos and/or notes. I finally feel comfortable and ready to sell this pattern!!! Oh yeah, by the way, I’ve been working on a quilt pattern…

First though. let’s look at two of the amazing quilt tops my testers sent me photos of! Maybe it will get you in the mood to try the pattern out?!

This first top was pieced by Leah Corbin / @leahrene on InstaGram. She was beyond helpful when it came to the little mix ups with the pattern and such. She did a beautiful job piecing these nine blocks together and I am in love with her use of patterned fabric! You’ll probably be seeing more of Leah’s work here, because I’m totally asking her to test more pieces down the road.

This next quilt top is by the lovely Holly Hughes of the blog Holly Gets Quilty / @hollygetsquilty on InstaGram. She tested the pattern for me while also making it as a quilt for the Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap! How brilliant is that? Kill two birds with one stone! So that means that she used only Alison Glass fabric as the sides and then Essex Linen as the background. Im in love with it. She will be sharing photos of the quilted up version soon, so once she does, I’ll share it here too! (I really really cant wait to see it)

I have also received a handful of finished block photos and some in progress shots. I think they all need their own blog post though, so keep your eyes peeled for those. I’ve seen the photos, its worth the wait.

Now back to the super technical, less sappy, pattern stuff…

I am calling this pattern the Spinning Icosahedron Mini Quilt. It’s name comes from the fact that it is an Icosahedron (20 sided Polyhedron) that is spinning and toppling, so you can see 18 sides of it. You can see this “spinning and toppling” by picking one triangle and following it through the 9 blocks until it disappears.

Like most of my patterns, this is a foundation paper piecing pattern that is broken up into many pieces. I have made a system to help keep all the sides and colors in order, plus I included a coloring page as a helpful guide. I have tried to make it as easy as possible to assemble.

Now onto the question I get from everyone…

“What size is it?”

Well, It is 24″ square when finished if you use the pattern as is. I know that is small, and you can’t really cover yourself with it, but it’s a great mini quilt/doll quilt/pillow. Plus, you can use the blocks individually OR change the lineup a bit and maybe only use three as a long pillow? Maybe use 5 or 6 as a table runner? Or maybe have a strip going down a quilt that is all 9 and then the rest is solid? I bet there are many ways these nine blocks can be used!

I have plans to release an 18″ block version, that would create a 54″ square quilt within the next month or so. It’s finished, I’m just waiting until I can stitch up a sample (its a 54 page pattern, with lots of taping, it’s been rough finding time to work on it with everything else going on these days). In the meantime, there is a work around. If your printer allows you to enlarge documents and then tile them over multiple pages, then you can technically make the blocks 16″ finished with a quilt 48″ square (or bigger by adding a border). If you are super lucky and have an awesome printer than you can probably go even larger.

Is there any interest in pre-printed paper patterns to help with this size thing? I’ve researched it a bit, and would love to go that direction eventually.

Ok, whew, I believe that’s it when it comes to all the technical stuff. If you buy the pattern and want to share photos, OR you are just curious what everyone else is making, then you should check out the hashtag #artschooldropoutpatterns and/or #spinningicosahedronquilt on InstaGram. You can also add any project photos to the Art School Dropout Pattern Flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/miniasd/ .

I am super excited to get this pattern out there into the world, but I am also really excited to share the next pattern in the works. It’s not another spinning object, though I am thinking of doing an entire series!!

Happy sewing everyone!! I am going to go crash now…

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7 thoughts on “Spinning Icosahedron Mini Quilt: Release Day

  1. I love this quilt! I downloaded the pattern this afternoon and tried making a block this evening. It was my first foundation paper piecing attempt. Do you have any recommendations for a good tutorial on foundation piecing? Or maybe just some hints? I had trouble getting my seams to match when I joined the sections of the block.

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