My Weekend: Two Parties In Two Days

This weekend was crazy, awesome and exhausting all at the time! Two Parties in Two Days!

Saturday was Heidi’s September crafternoon. I seriously look forward to these every month. I’ve said it before, but there’s no harm in saying it again, all the girls (and guy) who come to these crafternoons are so nice!

The food as always was really good! Heidi was super sweet again and made a gluten free lasagna that was awesome! I miss pasta. I was able to bring home some leftovers too and am totally having some for lunch later. She also made salad and a cake that looked soo pretty! I can tell you the icing was really good, and I assume the cake was even better!

The craft this time around was felted acorns! I’ve always wanted to make felted beads, and this is pretty much the same thing. You can see step by step instructions on Amanda’s and Heidi’s blogs. It was a lot of fun and super easy! Katie C. provided piles of acorn caps, so we were able to make a bunch. I made all the ones pictured above. I plan on keeping them all in a mason jar in the library. I may also see if Katie has any leftover because I kinda want to make more!! (hint hint)

I can’t wait until next months crafternoon, it’s Halloween themed, and I love Halloween!!

Sunday was another fun day for us. Katie H.’s kids had an ice cream themed birthday party that CT was invited to. It was her first non family birthday party. She LOVED it!

It was a two stop party, with the first stop being at one of the local frozen yogurt places. The kind were you pick out your ice cream and topping all yourself. CT had an interesting concoction of vanilla, cookies & cream and strawberry shortcake with a bunch of strawberries, mango boba and sprinkles on top. I had pumpkin spice and cheesecake which was really good together (and were both few gluten free ones).

The second stop was in downtown Frederick at Baker Park. It was great because the kids were able to go crazy after having all that sugar at the fro-yo place! Good idea guys!! CT met some new kids and I met some new parents, it was really nice! CT really did have loads of fun, she’s still talking about it all today and will probably keep talking about it until the next time we see some kids.

Even though I’m super exhausted right now, I’m glad we did everything we did this weekend! Next weekend looks like its adding up to be just as awesome.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made these past two days so nice, you guys are all awesome!!!!!

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DIY: Super Hero Shield

As I’ve said before, we are a nerdy household. There is a lot of comic books, comic book clothes, and comic book art everywhere. CT has grown up around this, so of course she likes it all too. She pretends her blankets are capes, she has little people super heroes and if you put her in a comic book shop she can name off about a dozen characters perfectly.

Don’t worry, she also loves princesses, dressing up and everything else girly. CT is a very well rounded toddler.

Her 2nd birthday is coming up soon. Next Sunday to be exact. I really wanted to make her a few of her gifts, something she would actually enjoy and play with. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile actually, and I ended up choosing a cape and shield.

I started with the shield. I wanted to do an actual Captain America’s shield, all red white and blue, but apparently I forgot to buy blue felt. I had a horribly stressful time the last time I went to Joanns (xmas shoppers are CRAZY), So I just said “whatever” and made it Red, White and Pink.

Want to know what the coolest part about this shield is?

It’s form is made with help from a frisbee!!! Yep, I thought of this while picking up CT toys one day. I didn’t know if it would actually work, so I was pleasantly surprised when it did!

Would you like to make your own? I made sure to take photo’s while I was putting this together. So if your interested, keep reading…

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DIY Project: Cross-Stitched Ornament

This isn’t a tutorial on how to cross stitch something. This is just a quick and easy, photo heavy, “how I did it”.

I LOVE to cross stitch. It’s very calming to me. I wait until after CT goes to bed and I just cuddle up with a blanket and watch some TV while stitching away.

Lately I’ve been buying all my patterns from Wee Little Stitches. We love nerdy stuff in our house, and they make awesome nerdy patterns. I highly recommend checking out their etsy shop.

the Tardis, pictured above, is from one of their Doctor Who patterns.

If you would like to see how I made this piece into an ornament, please keep reading… Continue reading

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