House Tour: A Peek at the Kitchenette

I know I haven’t really shared much of my house lately. Probably because it’s in a constant state of change lately. I can’t seem to make up my mind about certain things. Plus I’m all about the idea of slow decorating, where you are super picky about what you bring in the house and don’t rush to get it done all at once. It’s a very budget friendly way or doing things actually, because you can find vintage things or items on sale!

This slow way of decorating has made our kitchenette feel super unfinished and plain. Well, plain compared to the rest of the house. The walls are painted, the frames are hung, there’s even a bunch of furniture, but it still feels super unfinished! I’m not super fond of the rug and plan on replacing it with this rug whenever we can get to an Ikea. I also have this lamp (in wood) that needs to be hung (and a new switch, lots of wiring). Maybe the thought of these “missing pieces” makes me feel this way?

I hope that once I feel this room is presentable I can share more than just the walls (and a Hello Kitty inĀ disguise)!!

Oh and on a kinda side note, what would YOU call the room in between the kitchen and the living room where you eat? Is it called a kitchenette? or is it called something else? I just assumed that’s what it was called.

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House Tour: The Front Door

Ah, the front door, the beginning of your house, sorta. We don’t actually use the front door much. We prefer to use the back door, where the cars are kept.

Anyway, currently this is one of my favorite spots of our house. We’ve only lived here for little over a year, so I may change my mind soon. But for now this spot makes me the happiest.

I’m not much on white walls, or off white contract color walls, and we are surrounded by them now (were thinking light grey, everywhere). To break up the white until we had time to paint everything, I decided to paint our front door a dark plum. I still think it was one of the best things we’ve done to the house so far. I smile every time i look at it.

oh and that chair, is our best thrift story ever…

I don’t believe it is a real Eames lounger, but it looks very close to one. It’s super soft and comfy, so I really don’t care. We found it at a thrift store about 8 years ago. It was just sitting there for $200, which at the time was just a little too much for a used chair. We were about to walk away from it when over the speaker we hear “half off all furniture”. Apparently $100 wasn’t too much for an old chair, so we swooped it up and somehow got it home.

It’s been dragged all over Maryland with us, sometimes it fits the appartments we were in, sometimes it was just too big. I think it’s finally found a perfect home in our library. oh and CT LOVES it! as you can tell, it’s basically her chair now.


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