Toy Photography & #the100dayproject: 001 thru 007

#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}

I’ve been seeing the¬†#the100dayproject¬†hashtag floating around and I really loved the concept.

100 days of making or doing something different. .

I’m already a full time maker and didn’t want any craft projects to distract me further, so instead I’m going to do portraits of toys. It’ll force me to use my DSLR outside of product photos in hopes of improving AND it’ll give my massive collective some love.
All the wins!
I’ve been numbering them on IG, and decided to post them here every time I have seven posts.

So, counting the one above and in order, here is photos 001 through 007

#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}#100dayproject / Toy Photography {an Art School Dropout's life}

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Happy Thursday…

HW_022014…From Batman & Robin!

I hope the week has been a great adventure that surpasses the one these guys had (though motorcycling cross-country on a batcycle seems pretty adventurous, so it might be hard to compete).

I have decided to spend the day rewatching Ugly Betty and drawing objects from my kitchen. So far I’m having a perfectly calm day. Though I can’t wait for tomorrow when the rest of my supplies get here and I can start casting a new piece I’ve been thinking about.

Collections: Adding More Disney Pieces

I’ve talked about my Disney collection here before. It’s kinda big and is growing very fast. I just love Disney! So of course, I bought more pieces while we were at Disney World last month. I didn’t go too crazy. I made sure most of the pieces were small (with the exception of a large knit mickey that I didn’t take photos of).

I had a difficult time picking which Vinylmation figures I wanted. A lot of them cost more than I wanted to spend, and others just weren’t my taste. I was very happy when I found a solid white one during our last day there, and then I found the red polka dotted one at our resort the day we left. I prefer simple figures, and these fit the bill.

I also bought a castle magnet to match my Disneyland one, and a castle antenna topper just because it was cute and simple. I don’t have a car of my own, so of course it’s just going on the shelf. The little plastic mickey ears are actually a Mr Potato Head piece that they sell. I loved how it kinda looked like a vinyl toy piece. The last piece is the Mickey in the middle who’s head is kinda tilted up a little too far. I thought he looked a bit like my vintage Mickey’s, and he didn’t cost much, so I brought him home too.

After we got home, I went on ebay looking for something I forgot to get in the parks. While searching I found this pin for the 30th anniversary of Epcot. The date on the pin is just a few days before we were there, so I bid on it and won it for $1! It’ll go very nicely with our Anniversary button and CT’s First Visit and Celebration buttons. As a side note, apparently Epcot and I are almost the same age, I’m just a month older!

So, this was actually the least amount of souvenirs I’ve bought at Disney yet. I was proud of myself! Now I just need to find a spot for them all on my hutch.

Oh and on a side note, I’ve found I really love taking pictures of my toys. I’m even getting that picture above of the red polka dotted Vinylmation toy printed large for my sewing room, like 18″x24″ large.

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