2014 Spring International Quilt Market

qm_sp2014_001I mentioned the Spring International Quilt Market last week when I talked about the quilt I made for Silhouette America’s booth. Well, as thank you they made it possible for me to go to market!!! It was in Pittsburgh this year, and even taking back roads it only takes us 3 hours to get there. We had some hotel points and I had money put aside for BlytheCon that I could make up, so we figured “why not?”, and drove up last minute.

I figured it would be awesome just to see some online friends in person along with seeing all the new fabrics coming out. Little did I know just how much was there. Every type of tool of the trade was featured, from sewing machines to interfacing to thread and more! It was very inspiring and totally awesome. I left with so many ideas swirling around in my head, and a little anxiety trying to think of how I would make the time to try them all out. I’ll talk about all that at another time…

I didn’t bring my nice camera, but luckily there was a lot of natural light in the convention center. I took SO MANY photos, and decided I’d share a few (or a bunch, all depends on what you think a few is. haha) of my favorite fabrics coming out soon.

I’ll warn you now, theres so many, they take up two posts!!

qm_sp2014_002One of the first booths I saw walking around was the Irome Collection by Kokka. I absolutely love the large scalloped pattern!

qm_sp2014_005Actually, most of the stuff Kokka had was awesome! Check out that calendar/numbers print and ALL the Hello Kitty Prints! I wish I had looked at the proper names for the collections. I was just a bit overwhelmed! I so badly want to recreate that gray bag, so if you know what line this is, please tell me!!!

qm_sp2014_003 qm_sp2014_004Alexander Henry Fabrics is putting out more of their “the Ghastlies” line. It’s just as awesome as the last ones!

qm_sp2014_007Tula Pink has a new EPP hexagon kit coming out. I love the look of the warped hexies and I love how the box comes with everything you need. Also, as always her quilting is gorgeous.

qm_sp2014_008I have some pieces from the Riley Blake Geekly Chic line, and love them. The pieces from the new Geekly Chic 2 line are just as cool. I’m already picturing a dress out of the camera fabrics.

qm_sp2014_009I love the jewel tones featured in Katarina Roccella’s line Indelible for Art Gallery fabrics.

qm_sp2014_010 qm_sp2014_011Dear Stella‘s entire booth was super cute! Plus I’ve already had an eye on their Wee Gallery line ever since I discovered Nicole of Modern Handcraft (who made the adorable little dress up piece above). I had the pleasure of meeting her at the event! It’s awesome to meet someone with similar style who just happens to be super nice too.

qm_sp2014_006I also had the pleasure of meeting and briefly speaking to Thomas Knauer the author of Modern Quilt Perspectives. He was super energetic, nice and spoke freely when I asked him questions (rare these days). I absolutely loved the way he made his sign and I wish i could have taken all of his quilts home with me!

I also had the pleasure of meeting a few other friends and such while wandering around. Plus I was able to talk to a handful of industry experts and ask loads of questions and trade some business cards. It all makes me wish I could just play with fabric all day, every day!

Like I said before, I have more photos to share tomorrow. More specifically my four favorites. So if it doesn’t bore you, you should come back and check it out!

Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA

Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VALast last weekend was jam packed full of awesomeness (this past weekend was too, but I forgot to take photos!!)

Saturday was Free Comic Book day and CT Dressed up as Robin, with a tutu. Sunday was Scouting for Bricks in Leesburg, VA. I DID remember my camera for this event.

Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VACT has really been getting into LEGO’s lately. Mostly the LEGO friends and Disney Princess sets, but hey, it’s a start. I absolutely LOVE LEGOS, LOVE! I was the kid who only asked for LEGO’s as a kid. I had buckets full and would build towns, cars and sometimes race tracks for my hamsters. I am about to turn 32 this year and I STILL get LEGO sets as gifts. I prefer the houses mostly, but am happy with anything intricate.

This lifelong love of LEGO’s helped me talk my husband into heading to this event. It was put together by local Boy Scout Troop 39. This was their second year and I was super impressed. There were loads of vendors, a few large town set ups, a play area for the kids and more.

Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VAThere were a bunch of people, but not so many that we felt nervous having CT walk around. She seamed like she was having fun the entire time and loved looking at all the sets. However on the way home she told us it was a little boring, which is CT talk means “I’m upset I couldn’t play with more LEGOs”. My husband told her it was more a day for Momma anyway.

Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VAScouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VA Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VAAs you can tell from the photos, I really did enjoy myself!

I ended up leaving with a few awesome custom pieces. One was a minotaur head and extra deer antlers by Brick Warriors (that I plan to turn into a mounted deer head), and the other was a miniature Serenity (from Firefly) kit with working light by Adrian Blake of brickfrenzy.com . CT and my husband left with some custom minifigs too, of course!

Scouting For Bricks 2014 in Leesburg, VAI loved looking at all the amazing sets and totally plan on heading back next year!! If you live anywhere near Leesburg, Virginia I suggest you check it out too. Also, if you can’t wait until next year there’s also the Brick Fair LEGO convention in Chantilly, VA. Apparently it’s HUGE! We would go if it weren’t the same weekend as BlytheCon.

(haha, I can’t go to one convention because of another? what life do I live now? an AWESOME ONE!)



My Weekend: I Hosted a Blythe “Party”

This past weekend I hosted a blythe “party” or get together. There was only five of us total, plus CT running around, so I’m not sure if that would be considered a party or just a small gathering? I never know. I had grand plans to take loads of photos to share on here, but as usual I got caught up with real life (that’s a GOOD thing) and only took a few shots

blytheparty_032414_001My sweet husband help me set up and put all the food together, since I’m moving a little slower these days. Didn’t he do a great job?!? All simple snacks that don’t require a plate. One guest just used the table (I won’t name names) which was exactly why I used Kraft paper, instead of a real tablecloth. Messes were welcome!

blytheparty_032414_002 blytheparty_032414_003I had been trying to figure out something super simple we could do while hanging out, and I seriously could not think of a thing for TWO MONTHS! Then, of course, I had an idea the night before. I quickly stitched up a few knit hats that we could embellish with beads and plastic flowers from my craft stash. It was super easy and all the hats ended up really cute!

blytheparty_032414_004My sister Cori (who a few of you have possibly met if you’ve ever seen me at a craft show) has been experimenting with making Blythe clothes and accessories lately. I just had to share this adorable dress and skirt she made!! How cute are they? She’ll be attending BlytheCon with me in August, and I’m urging her to bring a bunch of these!

blytheparty_032414_005You guys also get the privilege of seeing the aftermath! This was me thinking “oh no, I forgot to take photos today!!!” and quickly snapping this before putting everything away.

I had a lot of fun and am so glad to see the girls who came!! Maybe I’ll host one again?

I’m also super excited about the fact that my house is pretty clean and kinda tidy right now. Having parties is a great way to keep your house presentable. Ha, my husband says it’s one of the reasons he’s cool with having so many.


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Happy Thursday…

HW_022014…From Batman & Robin!

I hope the week has been a great adventure that surpasses the one these guys had (though motorcycling cross-country on a batcycle seems pretty adventurous, so it might be hard to compete).

I have decided to spend the day rewatching Ugly Betty and drawing objects from my kitchen. So far I’m having a perfectly calm day. Though I can’t wait for tomorrow when the rest of my supplies get here and I can start casting a new piece I’ve been thinking about.

My Daily Uniform

Daily_uniform_simpleBeca of Tumbleweeds Handcraft posted a fun little challenge on instagram last week. It was to show your favorite “go to” outfit, it could be drawn, photographed or anything else you could think of. It was purely for fun, so I thought “why not try!”. I loved the little sketches so much, i wanted to share them on here…

My “go to” outfit has pretty much been the same for YEARS! The colors and shapes may change a bit, but the overall look is the same.

  • A comfy cardigan over a tank top, or sometimes a girls tshirt with something nerdy on it.
  • A pair of levis, usually cuffed wide a few inches above my ankles. I do this even in the winter.
  • In the summer it’s a pair of no show socks, in the winter it’s usually a pair of striped or polka dotted high socks.
  • As for shoes, I prefer New Balance 574′s. I also own a bunch of Van’s classics (slip-on’s and laced up) but I always go back to the 574′s. Currently I have a hunter green pair and my mom got me a pair of bright pink ones for xmas (I’m trying out bright colors this year).
  • I have a few purses, but the one that gets the most use is my Fossil Satchel.
  • Glasses. I always have glasses on, my newest pair are oversized maroon Ray-Bans.

I also wear dresses, boots and pretty shoes, but the above items are 100% my go to favorite things. They are comfortable and not too constraining. What are your favorite pieces of clothing?

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