Shop Update: Hand Painted Acrylic Jewelry and More PreOrders

Shop Update: Hand Painted Acrylic Jewelry and More PreOrders {an Art School Dropout's life}

This year has been all about experimenting and growing as an artist.

So this weeks shop update is all about surface design on jewelry. I drew up some wonky shapes, laser cut them out of acrylic, hand painted each one and then covered the tiny abstract painting in resin.

Shop Update: Hand Painted Acrylic Jewelry and More PreOrders {an Art School Dropout's life}

These have been so much fun to make and I love that each and every one is 100% one of a kind.

Shop Update: Hand Painted Acrylic Jewelry and More PreOrders {an Art School Dropout's life}

I also took some of my new ceramics designs and translated them to jewelry. These pieces are designed by me, then laser cut and engraved by me and then I fill in the engraved parts in different colors of paint. The finished pieces are so neat to look at and wear!

You can find all the new jewelry pieces here.

Shop Update: Hand Painted Acrylic Jewelry and More PreOrders {an Art School Dropout's life}

In other news, all of the Crafty Bitches Club tshirts have shipped. Once photos started popping up of people wearing them I got a lot of requests for more. So I have started a second preorder with a delivery of early July. If you want to get in on this second run, just click on over to the order page here.

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My Modcloth “Make the Cut” Submission

v notch dressModcloth does this thing called “Make the Cut” every so often, where they open up submissions for a new clothing design to be sold on their website. This time around they did something a bit different. They provided a template of an existing dress and asked for fabric designs for the said dress. The illustration above was my first submission.

v notch dress

You had the option to submit five designs total and I figured “why not!”. I really liked the way they came out, so I also wanted to share them here. Submissions are closed and they won’t announce the 10 semi-finalist until March 3rd. I’m still on a mission to make most of my own clothes, so I figured no matter what I can use these sketchups as inspiration for my own dresses.

v notch dressLast night I came up with this design using my Daily Uniform fabric mixed in with some dark gray stripes. I’m thinking of sewing it up using a skater dress style pattern and some knit interlock fabric. For fun I used the Modcloth template to see how it would look first! I think this one is getting moved up the “to do list”, I really do love me some striped dresses!

My Daily Uniform

Daily_uniform_simpleBeca of Tumbleweeds Handcraft posted a fun little challenge on instagram last week. It was to show your favorite “go to” outfit, it could be drawn, photographed or anything else you could think of. It was purely for fun, so I thought “why not try!”. I loved the little sketches so much, i wanted to share them on here…

My “go to” outfit has pretty much been the same for YEARS! The colors and shapes may change a bit, but the overall look is the same.

  • A comfy cardigan over a tank top, or sometimes a girls tshirt with something nerdy on it.
  • A pair of levis, usually cuffed wide a few inches above my ankles. I do this even in the winter.
  • In the summer it’s a pair of no show socks, in the winter it’s usually a pair of striped or polka dotted high socks.
  • As for shoes, I prefer New Balance 574′s. I also own a bunch of Van’s classics (slip-on’s and laced up) but I always go back to the 574′s. Currently I have a hunter green pair and my mom got me a pair of bright pink ones for xmas (I’m trying out bright colors this year).
  • I have a few purses, but the one that gets the most use is my Fossil Satchel.
  • Glasses. I always have glasses on, my newest pair are oversized maroon Ray-Bans.

I also wear dresses, boots and pretty shoes, but the above items are 100% my go to favorite things. They are comfortable and not too constraining. What are your favorite pieces of clothing?

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