My Modcloth “Make the Cut” Submission

v notch dressModcloth does this thing called “Make the Cut” every so often, where they open up submissions for a new clothing design to be sold on their website. This time around they did something a bit different. They provided a template of an existing dress and asked for fabric designs for the said dress. The illustration above was my first submission.

v notch dress

You had the option to submit five designs total and I figured “why not!”. I really liked the way they came out, so I also wanted to share them here. Submissions are closed and they won’t announce the 10 semi-finalist until March 3rd. I’m still on a mission to make most of my own clothes, so I figured no matter what I can use these sketchups as inspiration for my own dresses.

v notch dressLast night I came up with this design using my Daily Uniform fabric mixed in with some dark gray stripes. I’m thinking of sewing it up using a skater dress style pattern and some knit interlock fabric. For fun I used the Modcloth template to see how it would look first! I think this one is getting moved up the “to do list”, I really do love me some striped dresses!

If I Had Unlimited Funds: Modcloth

Let me start out by saying that I do not get to buy myself new clothes very often. I either spend the money on CT or I get too frustrated in the dressing room and give up. I have been itching to get some new pieces, and I’m thinking I don’t need another band tshirt or striped cardigan.

I blame all the awesome fashion blogs out there, or maybe the fact that I have a little girl who dresses super cute, but all of a sudden I want cute girly clothes. Dresses, skirts, tights, fancy coats and pretty shoes. I’m a stay at home mom, who doesn’t party or go out, so it’s really hard to justify such purchases. I always have to justify a purchase, otherwise I feel super guilty afterwards.

I am linked to ModCloth daily, usually from a blog, instagram photo or email. I spend way too much time on there looking at all their adorable clothes, and to top it off, they add loads more each day. They have everything I’ve been looking for and more. So if I had unlimited funds, or a very large ModCloth gift card, I’d buy…

1The Leif Aquatic Top /// 2Knits a Small World Sweatshirt (These two shirts are kinda like band tshirts, but way cuter! and warmer!)

3Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan in Coal (I said I didn’t need anymore cardigans, but this one has huge buttons, my other cardigans don’t have huge buttons!!) /// 4Plenty by Tracy Reese Turn to the Tundra Coat (I love the details on this coat, plus the fur comes off and leaves behind a cute collar!)

5Every Gilded Moment Dress /// 6Pretty in Prague Dress /// 7Coach Tour Dress in Noir (I really seem to be drawn to black dresses. Every time I try on a colorful pattern or solid colored dress I just don’t feel like myself. Apparently I have a little bit of a goth side. I’m seriously tempted to buy the Coach Tour dress, it looks like a good “starter dress”)

8Cultivate Colorful Tights /// 9Pale in Comparison Tights (How cute would these tights look under that Coach Tour dress? and with my Dr. Martens? or maybe those boots below?)

10Been There London That Skirt (how cute is this skirt?!? It reminds me of Disney)  /// 11Put Down Routes Boot (I like the height of these boots, the buckles and the fact that there is hardly any heel. I’m not a heels type of girl. These may be my perfect boots)

This list is a just a wish list, the only thing in my budget is that Coach Tour Dress. I really do like it. Do any of you readers have one? does it flare out a bit? or is it straight down? I’m short and chubby, I’d prefer a flared out skirt.

Oh and something neat, ModCloth is having a huge holiday sale right now! It’s their ‘Tis The Season sale. Starting Today and ending Sunday evening, 100 plus NEW ITEMS are 50% off. I missed out on their last sale, and I still see blog posts about how amazing it was. I Could buy one of those Coach Tour Dresses I like, looks like a few colors are on sale!! And I said I wouldn’t get all worked about holiday sales…

Edit: I ended up purchasing the Coach Tour Dress in Violet!!

I’m new to this type of internet shopping. Are there any other shopping websites you think I’d like? With styles similar to what I picked out above?

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