Behind The Scenes: Fragmented Juxtapose Necklaces

It’s been almost a year since the last time I made a Juxtapose Necklace! They were THE item that helped launch Art School Dropout 9 years ago. I have made over 1000 of them!! Yet somehow I hadn’t made any in a year. Craziness. I guess I needed the break.

Well, Yesterday I decided to lug out all of my beading supplies and try my hand at some new necklaces. I had the idea of mixing my original style Juxtapose Necklace with my new Fragmented Necklaces while I was sick. It stewed in my head the entire week!

Apparently I designed the fragmented pieces in the same form as my Juxtapose Necklaces because it was really easy to combine them! I finished about five before running out of wire. I’m hoping to photograph them tomorrow and have them in the shop by the end of this week. I’m excited!

Do you like the new pieces? Are there color combos you would like to see? Feedback is always welcome!!!


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Adventures in Casting: Dolly

Earlier in the week I mentioned I was working on a little rag doll figure. Well, here she is!

I’m naming her Dolly. I know, I know, It’s suuuuuch an original name! Ha. I’m happy with her as my first try. She isn’t perfectly flat or square, so she’ll give me a little bit of a challenge when it comes to making a mold and casting her.

I always have extra plastic casting supplies lying around, just in case, so I was ready to make a mold right away. I’ve been casting for about nine years now. You would think I’d be perfect at it by now, but I only ever made molds of items with flat backs. I tried my hand at a two part molds years ago, but I got super frustrated and gave up pretty quickly.

This time around I researched A LOT! I watched loads of YouTube videos and I even passed on a teeny bit of my knowledge to someone else to try it out first. I felt ready after it all.

The mold did NOT come out perfect, at all!! The first half did, but then I made the horrible decision to do the second half at night when I wasn’t feeling 100%. I think I didn’t spray enough mold release, or it had gone bad, I don’t know for sure. When I went to take the two halves apart I found that they had melded together as one large silicone chunk with my figure inside!!!! I cut Dolly out as gentle as I could, but along the way I did accidentally break her head off. No worries though, I glued it back and it’s drying now!!

The mold wasn’t the way it was supposed to be, BUT it was in working condition. Cutting a slit in the silicone to get figures out is actually another way of making 2 part molds.

So I tried to cast an example to see if it worked.

I love watching the plastic go from clear to white (or whatever color I used).

The first piece I cast had a few bubbles in the hair flip area, but the second one came out pretty much perfect!! Which seriously made my day. I thought I had put so much work into something and screwed it up, but I didn’t.

I’ve cast about seven already today and have enough plastic for a few more. I made mostly white ones since I’m planning on painting them all, but I did make two neon pink ones too! One for me and one for CT (who also stole the first white, bubbly, one too). I’m now researching the best primer and paint to use. Once I’m finished I’ll share the absolute finished pieces!

I’m so excited to be working on these. This whole process has been on my to do list for years! Oh and I’m nowhere near done working on it all, I want to perfect it. I also want to try some other ideas out. I really can’t wait.


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Behind The Scenes – July 8th – 12th, 2012

It’s been busy busy here since the sale started, so all I have time for today is a few behind the scenes shots. While I was waiting for all the plastic bees and wings to cure, I spent time also working on the new pieces that I will be updating soon!

As you can see, casting plastic is very messy!! ha, a huge colorful mess!

I’ll be back with more photos tomorrow!!

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Almost Finished



There’s only a few more hours left to buy items from our Fab sale! Go check it out before all the items end up back on the site, at regular price!!!

As for us, were finally winding down here too, which is an amazing feeling.
Though, in normal fashion, we’re ending it with a bang… The Flu!! CT and I haven’t been feeling our best lately and CT finally showed real symptoms two days ago. She never really gets super sick, so she’s not handling this well.

I hope to be back with how to’s, work in progress photos and just plain non sense soon enough! I have a lot planned…

Monster Buttons and Plastic Bezels…

Here is a nice sneak peak at the other new item coming to Art School Dropout soon!

I have been scouring the internet for the past few years for the perfect bezel that would perfectly fit fabric covered buttons. I didn’t want scalloped edges. I didn’t want thin metal edges. I wanted something with thick sides and a loop on the top, and I wanted them in every single size that buttons came in. I had ZERO luck!!

So I was about to send off the files for my new necklaces to be printed and I thought “well, I’m already paying shipping, why not try out a round bezel too”. So I whipped up a protoype and sent it off with the other files.

The first one that came in wasn’t perfect, the walls were too thin, too rough and the loop on the top was too fragile. I pumped up the design a little and had it printed in a smoother, glossier plastic. The second piece was exactly what I wanted!

I made a mold and cast it in a few colors to try it out. I used a size 36 fabric covered button that didn’t have a loop on the back. they fit so perfectly that I still can’t get the first one out!

I hope to have these BLANK bezels for sale in the coming weeks, I’m still perfecting the mold to make them as clean and user friendly as possible.

For now I do have a few necklaces for sale that use this bezel and my own fabric that I had printed by spoonflower.

Oh and if anyone is interested in trying out these bezels themselves, let me know! I’m looking for testers!!!

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