Light Switches, Disposal Units & Decals

restoration_lamp_silhouette_001Last year I bought this amazing lamp pictured above at a Restoration Hardware outlet on super duper sale! (it is the wood version of this model) A few months ago my brother in law installed it and it is now my favorite thing in the house.

We didn’t have any wiring where I wanted it to go above the morning room table, but we did have a hanging lamp a few feet away that I didn’t like anymore, so he just pulled the wiring to to the new spot and put a plate over the old spot. The only issue with the way we did this was the old lamp was on a switch in the kitchen, not the morning room. It’s on one of those plates with numerous switches. Those are confusing as it is, and having a lamp that’s in the next area over doesn’t help. Oh and it’s also the switch directly next to the disposal one, so that makes for some interesting reactions when you hit the wrong switch.

I’ve never switched the wrong one because I hate the sound the disposal makes, but other people have! It’s happened a few times when silverware had accidentally fallen in the disposal, and since they weren’t expecting to hit the disposal switch, no one checked first. My poor silverware.

My original idea was to just put a random sticker on the switch plate for my husband to know which one is which. Though I then figured that would still be confusing for others, and what if someone was getting something out of the disposal while someone else wanted to turn the light on?!?!

All of this led to a super simple solution…

restoration_lamp_silhouette_002A decal in the shape of the lamp. I cut it out using my Silhouette, but with patience and time it could have been cut out by hand! I used a vinyl sheet I found in the scrapbooking section of Joann’s that cost me $1.50 and since it was super tiny, I still have a load of vinyl leftover for other projects.

The disposal hasn’t accidentally go on since putting it up, and we had a bunch of people in our kitchen over the past few weeks. They all understood what the decal meant, plus they loved how clean it looked.

I have never really liked decals before, but now I have the urge to put them on everything!! For instance I now have a man/woman logo on the basement bathroom door, that way no one walks into the utility room or workroom accidentally. The bathroom is clearly marked!

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Behind the Scenes: Pillows, Dresses and a Very Tired Jessee

I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately. I’m on a new test diet to see just how much I’m allergic to gluten, which has not been fun. Basically I have to force myself to eat something with a gluten ingredient in it everyday for the next five weeks (I take the weekends off). So I pretty much have been poisoning myself! I’m tired, grumpy and weak. I just don’t have the energy to do too many projects, so I’ve been trying to stick to the easy ones, or computer based ones.

Which brings me to the above photos! In my down time lately (which is pretty often) I have been dreaming up loads of new things. New Wonky Woodgrain pillows in the above colors, new monster pillows, and a whole pile of dresses for myself (remember that dress obsession I was talking about?). I was able to do most of the design work on the computer and then just order the fabric from Spoonflower. I also have been designing some new 3D pieces for a cold cast metal jewelry line I’ve been thinking about! I’m excited!

Everything was easy enough, and I feel accomplished in the end. I hate not feeling accomplished at least once a day!

I promise to post more photos when I get to actually work on all these things. I’m seriously counting down the days until I can be gluten free again. I miss the energy I had and how great I felt about myself.

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Behind the Scenes: Unfinished Projects

The past few weeks I have been feeling very discontent. I want to do so much but I hardly have the energy or strength to walk to the other room. Being forced to do nothing is frustrating, I’d rather it be my own choice. I would probably enjoy it more if I was the one saying “I’m not going to do anything today”, instead of my body.

I do find spurts of energy here and there and have started a few projects lately, and finished about half! I’m trying not to buy more craft supplies until I use the ones I have. I don’t think I’ve stepped foot in a Joann’s in weeks, and even then we were there to buy frames, I don’t think i even looked at anything else. Well, that will probably change this week. I realized after finishing the top section of the chevron quilt that I did NOT have enough coordinating fabric for the back. I had fabric, yes, but not COORDINATING fabric! So that project is at a stand still!!


I also started a Totoro Doll for CT since she LOVES the movie(I found the pattern on Pinterest) well, I messed up on cutting out the ears, paws and tail. I forgot a seam allowance. I also used the last of my grey felt, so now that project also has to be put aside. Frustrating.


I DID finish a simple little tote bag and tank top using supplies I already had. I’m happy with the outcome of both, but feel super great about the tank top!! It’s the first piece of clothing I’ve made myself that didn’t have to be taken apart and redone. I got it right on the first try. I didn’t use a conventional pattern either, I just did a rough crayon rubbing of my favorite a-line tank top and tweaked it a bit. It fits perfectly, and now I want to make a dozen or more. Especially since I’m not fond of the fabric I used for this one, it’s not really me.


Oh and I’m also, slowly, working on a shop update! Ive been working on some new pieces that I can not wait to share fully! You can see a few above. I’m trying out a few new ways of photographing them since I think it’s time for change. I always think its time for change! Any suggestions?

As I was proof reading this post I thought “well, I guess I did get a few things done… but how much could I accomplish if I just felt better?”. Ugh, I guess I just want to do too much…