Shop Update: Three Baby Quilts

muted_hexagon_quilt_mintgraytan_006_550I’ve been making baby quilts lately as a form of therapy and as skill building exercises. The size is perfect because one yard of fabric fits on the back and I can sandwich everything together on my work table. However my little one is starting to outgrow this size and I really have no use for a stack of baby quilts. Soooo I added them to the shop!

I priced them according to quilts similar in quality and design that I’ve seen online. I don’t plan on taking custom requests and won’t update quilts non stop, but it’s nice to know that if I have an idea I can test it out and it may end up finding a new home one day, not just sit on my shelf and get dusty.

$195.00  Hexagon Baby Quilt - Mint, Gray, Tan & White {an Art School dropout's life}The first three quilts that I added are all completely different. Both in color and design. There is the light muted tone hexagon quilt above

$200.00  Rows of Plus Signs Quilt - Black, White & Mustard {an Art School Dropout's life}$200.00  Rows of Plus Signs Quilt - Black, White & Mustard {an Art School Dropout's life}

The black in white plus sign quilt with a surprise mustard colored backing

$175.00  Icosahedron Baby Quilt - Blues & Grays {an Art School Dropout's life} $175.00  Icosahedron Baby Quilt - Blues & Grays {an Art School Dropout's life}And the icosahedron quilt made up of lots of blues and grays.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these pieces and anything else that may be on your mind right now!!

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Shop Update: Loads of Banners!

shopupdate_040714_002I Just added TEN new cast plastic banners to the shop. I’m super excited about these! Because now there are FOUR different designs to choose from. I like providing variety.

shopupdate_040714_001I’m non stop brainstorming more designs and also trying to figure out what the next saying will be. Any thoughts? I’m always up for suggestions.

This isn’t the only shop update planned for this week. I also have a special new product debuting this Friday! So please keep an eye out, because I’m super excited about them too.

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Shop Update: Firefly Banners & Buttons!

firefly_banner_wash_004CT helped me model the new Serenity / Firefly Quote Banner (I probably need a better name, but I’m drawing a blank). I added several of them to the shop earlier today. If you are a fan of the show and the movie, then you NEED this banner!! Or if you have a friends who’s a huge fan, THEY NEED IT!

nickelbuttons_blackwhiteglitter_001I also added something not nerd related, unless you’re a sewing nerd…

New hand cast plastic buttons in a load of different colors. All available in sets of seven, so they would be perfect for blouses, cardigans, dresses and lots of items that aren’t clothing.


Oh and one more thing, I put the Home Sweet Home banner made with sprinkles up as a Pre Order. There was a lot of requests for me to make more and it just happens to be one of the few pieces I can make over and over and have it look the same. So I know exactly How many to make of these, a pre order is the only way to go. What if I make too few? Or too many?

I plan on casting again next week, so expect to also see a larger selection of colors when it comes to these banners. Any Color combos you’d like to see? Any you would like me to attempt again?

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Shop Update: Home Sweet Home Banners

shopupdate_030714_001New banners are in the shop! They are already selling pretty well, I wasn’t even able to get a screenshot for this post before the “sold out” flags showed up. You guys don’t understand just how happy that makes me!!! Thank you!

There are more colors then I’ve shown above, they just wouldn’t all fit on one page. As of this post I believe there is 13 colors left.


To go along with the update, there is also a Juxtapose Necklace sale going on. 15% off any Juxtapose Necklace in stock. No coupon code needed, discount applied in the cart. (how neat is that? Storenvy does it right)

I’m going to be good and walk away from the computer for a bit. A watched shop doesn’t boil, or something like that. Ha. I have some things I want to make for my niece’s 5th birthday tomorrow anyway.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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Black Friday Sale & Shop Update

blackfriday_shopupdate_2013_banner blackfriday_shopupdate_2013It’s that time of the year! I am mostly prepared.

I have added loads of arrow accessories and a few small home goods to the shop¬†and to go along with the whole Black friday theme, I’m also having a sale…

20% off all orders over $20, using¬†coupon code “blackfridayagain”, during checkout.

Plus any order over $50 will also receive a free gift! I have a little box full of arrow necklaces, star hairpins, triangle rings and more that I haven’t taken photos of yet. My daughter will help me choose the free gift for each order, so it will be completely random!

This Black Friday offer will expire Saturday night at midnight EST. If you happen to miss out, don’t worry, I have something planned for Cyber Monday too.

I will most likely be closing up shop for the year, early in the morning on December 7th. With CT’s birthday coming up in two weeks and a bunch of other events, I don’t think I could keep up. So if heres something you really wanted to get, now is the time! I don’t plan to reopen until the first week of January 2014.

Good luck out there shopping today and be safe. I stay in every year, but I hear it gets pretty crazy!!!

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Sneak Peek: Friday’s Shop Update

arrowhair_darkgrayl_silverglitter_002I’m probably insane, but I decided to partake in all the Black Friday craziness. I am working on a huge update that will pretty much be arrow themed. Arrow hairpins, arrow earrings, arrow wall decor and a few arrow ornaments! Arrows, Arrows and more arrows!

There will also be a coupon code involved, but I won’t give that part away until Friday morning, early! So keep an eye out, if you REALLY like arrows!

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