Shop Update: Cake Banners


The NEW cast plastic Cake Banners are now available in the shop!!

Of course there are a handful of common phrases available for immediate purchase, They are stuff I say pretty often or just the first thing to pop into my head while I was casting these examples.



Then there are the custom listings! Of course I was going to offer custom options. These cake banners were just screaming to be personalized. Here’s how it’ll work though…

  • Cost: Pricing is based on how many letters you want. I was originally going to do it per letter, but then i realized just how much of a mess that might be. So instead you can choose either 1 to 3, 4 to 6, or 7 to 10 letters for now. Plus a custom Happy Birthday option. I will be offering larger quantities soon, I’m just still testing how many I can fit on a cake.
  • Color Choices: You can choose from color mixes I know will come out the same each time (you can see these examples in each listing) or you can message me ahead of time and we can discuss color options. I have a large collection of glitters, pigments and fillers so I imagine I can make almost any combo you can dream of, but who knows! Oh and there is also sprinkles, I shouldn’t forget the sprinkles!
  • Turnaround time: In the listing it says it may take up to 6 weeks to ship. Which it may, depending on how many custom orders I have on my list. If you need it sooner, please email me first to see what my current turnaround time is, just in case!

I Think that covers everything about custom banners. If you have a question I didn’t answer you can just comment here or email me! Or if you just want to tell me what you think of them, I’d love to read that too.


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Shop Update: Firefly Banners & Buttons!

firefly_banner_wash_004CT helped me model the new Serenity / Firefly Quote Banner (I probably need a better name, but I’m drawing a blank). I added several of them to the shop earlier today. If you are a fan of the show and the movie, then you NEED this banner!! Or if you have a friends who’s a huge fan, THEY NEED IT!

nickelbuttons_blackwhiteglitter_001I also added something not nerd related, unless you’re a sewing nerd…

New hand cast plastic buttons in a load of different colors. All available in sets of seven, so they would be perfect for blouses, cardigans, dresses and lots of items that aren’t clothing.


Oh and one more thing, I put the Home Sweet Home banner made with sprinkles up as a Pre Order. There was a lot of requests for me to make more and it just happens to be one of the few pieces I can make over and over and have it look the same. So I know exactly How many to make of these, a pre order is the only way to go. What if I make too few? Or too many?

I plan on casting again next week, so expect to also see a larger selection of colors when it comes to these banners. Any Color combos you’d like to see? Any you would like me to attempt again?

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Shop Update: Home Sweet Home Banners

shopupdate_030714_001New banners are in the shop! They are already selling pretty well, I wasn’t even able to get a screenshot for this post before the “sold out” flags showed up. You guys don’t understand just how happy that makes me!!! Thank you!

There are more colors then I’ve shown above, they just wouldn’t all fit on one page. As of this post I believe there is 13 colors left.


To go along with the update, there is also a Juxtapose Necklace sale going on. 15% off any Juxtapose Necklace in stock. No coupon code needed, discount applied in the cart. (how neat is that? Storenvy does it right)

I’m going to be good and walk away from the computer for a bit. A watched shop doesn’t boil, or something like that. Ha. I have some things I want to make for my niece’s 5th birthday tomorrow anyway.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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Sneak Peek: Home Sweet Home Banners

sneakpeekhomesweethomeI am super excited about the shop update I’m working on for tomorrow!! I kinda posted a peek at these last week, and then I spent all of this week cleaning them up and getting them ready (it’s one of a hundred reasons I’ve been so quiet)

My plan is to have 18 different colors of the plastic version, plus a screen printed gold & cream felt version in the shop around 11am EST. It’s first come first serve. If these do well, I have a few ideas for more (plus I’m open to suggestions!)

If you want to be notified when they go live you can sign up for my shop newsletter here, or keep an eye on my Instagram or Twitter accounts! (I’m having a giveaway on my Instagram account if your interested btw)

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Chevron & Stripes Banner

Chevron_banner_001A few months ago I was browsing Instagram, like I do way too much, and I came across this awesome work in progress by Elizabeth of (her IG username is @elizabethhagh ) It was just a small part of a Missoni inspired piece she had started a year or so before, but it looked great as is. I pressed like and went on my way!

The design seriously haunted me for months. I felt like I HAD to make it. It NEEDED to be a banner on my wall. I drew a paper pieced pattern of it into my sketchbook and put it aside for my upcoming “winter sewing months”.

Side Note: Apparently I prefer sewing in the winter, and knowing this has made my whole work schedule easier to handle. Sewing in the winter, jewelry & casting in the summer. It’s been working perfectly and I cast so much during the summer that I can continuously add to the shop all winter long!

So now back to the banner…

Two weeks ago I finally sat down at my computer and digitized the pattern i’d sketched up. It was a little big, but I didn’t mind taping together the paper. I went around searching for fabrics that complimented my house and then sat down to piece it all together. It took me about two hours total and I was so excited to hang it up!!!

Chevron_banner_002I just happened to have a nice blank spot in the library! I added some striped bakers twine and glued a little geometric piece to the screw holding it up. I love it!!

I figured someone else may want to make one of these for their wall too, so I put together my simple paper pieced pattern as a FREE PDF. You will need a basic knowledge of paper piecing to make this btw. If you are comfortable with sewing but don’t know this technique yet, I suggest searching for some videos on YouTube, that’s how I taught myself. Fresh Lemons Quilts blog also has a great tutorial if you’re not into watching videos


If you do make a banner, I’d love to see it. Just send me a message!



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