Paper Inspiration: Concrete Geometric

I have been coveting Concrete Geometric’s planters and vases since the second I saw them! They are totally my style. Plus they are made using molds, and you guys know how I feel about that!!! LOVE!



I think the only reason I haven’t purchased one yet is because I haven’t really purchased ANYTHING for myself lately. I kinda put myself on a personal spending freeze so I can save for upcoming trips and some new equipment.

However I must dream about these things. When I was going through the Silhouette Design store looking for files for an upcoming project I saw a 3D paper succulent cut file and my absolute first thought was Concrete Geometric’s planters. I mean it only took seconds to think of how to make a paper version.

concretegeometric_005concretegeometric_004I used my Silhouette Portrait and cut files from the Silhouette Design Store to make this. It seriously only took me about 5 minutes total. I’m not even familiar with folding or manipulating paper!!

  • For the succulent I used thick textured cardstock and the 3D succulent plant cut file (which I reduced 75% in size).
  • For the faux concrete planter I used Silhouette brand chipboard and the 3D Pentagon cut file (which I reduced to fit on an 8.5″x12″ piece of chipboard since I have the Portrait)
  • I used super fast drying Tacky Glue for all the seams and for attaching all of the leaves. There may have been a better glue to use, but I’m still learning. I think it worked out pretty nice though since it has handled being dropped a few times by a toddler.

concretegeometric_003I absolutely adore how the little faux plant came out. I was planning on placing it on one of the shelves in my living room, but CT claimed it as her own and it’s now living in her bedroom. Which basically means I really need to get the real thing!!!!

The top two photos were used with permission from Concrete Geometric, and I asked the owner permission to write about this post beforehand!

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2014 – 2015 Silhouette Design Team

I have some super exciting news to share!!!

About a month ago Silhouette America (the company that makes that awesome little machine I use) put out a call for their 2014/2015 Design Team. The whole thing sounded like a lot of fun, and would force me to think outside of my little Art School Dropout world. I sent in my application and crossed my fingers and toes…


…which apparently worked, because I am proud to announce that I am now part of Silhouette America’s 2014 – 2015 Design Team!!

Now you may ask, what exactly does this mean? Well, it means I will be contributing project ideas and tutorials on their blog (and sometimes my own) using my Portrait and a huge array of Silhouette products. I’ve already started brainstorming, and I’m even prepping for my first project.

I am seriously SO excited to be included in this awesome team (I’ve been visiting all of the other girls blogs too) and can’t wait to show you whats coming!!!

Light Switches, Disposal Units & Decals

restoration_lamp_silhouette_001Last year I bought this amazing lamp pictured above at a Restoration Hardware outlet on super duper sale! (it is the wood version of this model) A few months ago my brother in law installed it and it is now my favorite thing in the house.

We didn’t have any wiring where I wanted it to go above the morning room table, but we did have a hanging lamp a few feet away that I didn’t like anymore, so he just pulled the wiring to to the new spot and put a plate over the old spot. The only issue with the way we did this was the old lamp was on a switch in the kitchen, not the morning room. It’s on one of those plates with numerous switches. Those are confusing as it is, and having a lamp that’s in the next area over doesn’t help. Oh and it’s also the switch directly next to the disposal one, so that makes for some interesting reactions when you hit the wrong switch.

I’ve never switched the wrong one because I hate the sound the disposal makes, but other people have! It’s happened a few times when silverware had accidentally fallen in the disposal, and since they weren’t expecting to hit the disposal switch, no one checked first. My poor silverware.

My original idea was to just put a random sticker on the switch plate for my husband to know which one is which. Though I then figured that would still be confusing for others, and what if someone was getting something out of the disposal while someone else wanted to turn the light on?!?!

All of this led to a super simple solution…

restoration_lamp_silhouette_002A decal in the shape of the lamp. I cut it out using my Silhouette, but with patience and time it could have been cut out by hand! I used a vinyl sheet I found in the scrapbooking section of Joann’s that cost me $1.50 and since it was super tiny, I still have a load of vinyl leftover for other projects.

The disposal hasn’t accidentally go on since putting it up, and we had a bunch of people in our kitchen over the past few weeks. They all understood what the decal meant, plus they loved how clean it looked.

I have never really liked decals before, but now I have the urge to put them on everything!! For instance I now have a man/woman logo on the basement bathroom door, that way no one walks into the utility room or workroom accidentally. The bathroom is clearly marked!

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Ash & Trey’s Baby Shower

ashtrey_babyshower_001Last weekend my husband and I hosted a baby shower in honor of my little sister Ashley and her husband Trey (who wanted a nickname like CT, so I’m going to be lazy and call him TN).

My mom did most of the work putting this whole thing together. From the food, to the candy bar, to the hot chocolate favors to the games and more. She went all out!!! The only thing I had a hand in was the little tags on everything, the food signs, the macarons and the photo booth and props. All but the last pieces were all her idea too! It was a lot of fun to help put together and I am so happy we were able to have it in our home! I also can’t wait to meet my newest niece sometime soon!! She’ll get a cute nickname unlike her dad, we’ll call her “Little R”.

Now be prepared for a bunch of photos, mostly up close, because that’s just my style!

ashtrey_babyshower_002ashtrey_babyshower_003ashtrey_babyshower_0045ashtrey_babyshower_004ashtrey_babyshower_006 ashtrey_babyshower_007(please note this awesome cake wrecks where Harris Teeter spelled my sisters name wrong and wrote “It’s a GIR!”)

ashtrey_babyshower_008ashtrey_babyshower_009ashtrey_babyshower_010ashtrey_babyshower_011Oh and the above picture is my other adorable little sister and her best friend!

My camera battery died halfway through the day and I had to borrow my sisters, so the photos are all weird and different. I also messed up on photos of the adorable banner I made and the gorgeous mobile/centerpiece my mom made using tissue paper, paper lanterns, tulle and other paper goods! It was so pretty we decided to hang it in CT’s playroom afterwards.

This was the first time my mom and I have collaborated on anything, it was a fun and surprising experience!

This was the third event we’ve had at our house in the last month, and the second to last. I’m super happy to have everyone over, but I won’t lie, it will be soo nice when I can get back to normal! I miss making a huge crafty mess!!!

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Win This Papercut Dachshund!

dachshund_giveaway_001 dachshund_giveaway_002About a month ago I bought a new toy, a crafting toy to be exact! It’s a Silhouette Portrait and it is seriously my new favorite tool. I never really messed around with paper crafts before, and I’m not a scrapbooker, but I thought I could still find a use for it. Well, I found loads of uses actually and can’t wait to share them all with you guys.

You’re probably wondering now what this has to do with the “WIN THIS” flag above, well I made the above paper cut using my machine and one of my animal doodles I mentioned on Monday. I made it purely to see if I COULD. I love experimenting and testing my limits, and this was one of the outcomes. I want to make some many more too!!!

I love the print, but I don’t own a Dachshund and I felt like there might be someone out there who loves them more and would like a likeness on their walls! So here goes…

If you love wiener dogs, paper cut pieces or this piece just “speaks to you” (hahaha) then you can enter to win by just leaving a comment below. The comment can say anything. You can tell me about your day, what your favorite food is, what you think I should make next, or whatever else is on your mind! Please keep it nice and clean though, I guess thats the only rule. The print measures a total of 8.5″x11″, that includes the chipboard I mounted it to. You have until next Wednesday night to enter (January 22nd at midnight EST) , and I’ll choose a winner the next day!!

Entries are closed for this giveaway!


The winner is comment #3, Katie T.

I’ve contacted Katie, but if she doesn’t get back to me, then i will choose a second winner!!

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