Creative Bug & Spoonflower Design Challenge

Creative Bug & Spoonflower

I talked briefly the other day about the creative Bug Fabric Design series and Spoonflower when I shared my Bugs and Teacups fabric. Well, the two companies decided to host a design contest for anyone who watched the videos! How neat is that? I thought it would be fun to enter my fabric! I just voted and figured why not share? I’m not going to ask you to vote for me, because that’s just not me, but instead I will ask you to go vote for the designs YOU like best!! I like things to be fair.

Brushed X’s & A Rainbow of Wonky Wood Fabric

Brushed X's & A Rainbow of Wonky Wood Fabric by jesseesuem {an Art School Dropout's life} #spoonflowerA few weeks back, I had a flood of messages on Spoonflower asking about different colorways for my Wonky Woodgrain Fabrics. It seems like faux wood grain is the new thing for nurseries. How neat!?

I read each and every request and made up new colorways, or made some of the designs horizontal instead (for crib skirts and things like that I was told). I had to order a swatch for all of them so there was some waiting involved.

Today all of the swatches came in and I am in love with them all! A bunch were requests and then the tan, mustard and pink were my idea because I know I’d use them myself (baby quilt backs anyone?)

Brushed X's & A Rainbow of Wonky Wood Fabric by jesseesuem {an Art School Dropout's life} #spoonflowerI also had a few swatches made of my Brushed X’s fabric design. I designed this specifically to be used as quilt binding and backing. I have grand plans for this fabric! (I wish I had photographed them better though! Stupid cloudy days)

What are your thoughts on all of these? Should I make more colorways? Smaller designs? Larger designs? ETC ETC ETC? I NEED to know! haha.

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WIP: Customizing My EPP Hexie Quilt


This quilt is probably something I’ll share updates on every so often. I just keep thinking of neat ways to make it 100% perfect! I put it aside for a week or so to work on another quilting project, but once my new custom hexie fabric came in from spoonflower, I just HAD to start up on it again!

epp_hexie_custom_002Above you can see the fabric. I just printed off a hexagon like grid and doodled a bunch of quick designs using a brush pen. I then scanned it in and made it into a vector file. Then I replicated a few designs in different tones and added a few of my other fabric designs into some hexagons I left blank. I designed it to fit onto a fat quarter, and the hexagons are very specific to the size of my ongoing quilt.

epp_hexie_custom_003As you can see, it’s also very specific to my taste and my life in general. I included an illustration of my house that I did a few years back, plus my Daily Uniform fabric in different tones of black and gray. I want this quilt to be 100% ME, especially since it’s going to take forever to finish.

epp_hexie_custom_004 epp_hexie_custom_005Oh and of course I didn’t spare any time basting all of the new hexies. I just couldn’t wait to see how they would blend with all the previous fabrics I used!

Now I’m super antsy to get this thing done, I just want to cuddle with it all so bad!!!!!!

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Flower Doodle Fabric Collection

flowerdoodle_fabric_003I received the swatches for my Flower doodle fabric from Spoonflower this week! I LOVE All of them, even the super oversized one. Haha, I may have messed up a bit on scale there.

flowerdoodle_fabric_004I can’t wait until I have more time for sewing. I’m picturing a cute little dress for CT made out of purple and teal one!!

This design can also be purchased as Wallpaper and Giftwrap! How cool is that?

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Flower Doodles

I hate to just sit around, I’d prefer to be kept busy. So when I get sick, I get super frustrated. This was the case the past two weeks, and to keep myself occupied I took up doodling in my sketchbook non stop. I’ve been meaning to get back into that habit anyway. It’s been too many years since I took time to just draw, and I am certainly very rusty.

flower_doodles_001Once I felt better I scanned in a few of my little flower doodles and decided to make a repeat pattern with them.

flowerdoodle_fabric_001Which then means I of course uploaded it to Spoonflower and ordered fabric swatches in a few colorways. I had to. I’ll post pictures of the fabric once it comes in.


Then I figured if I was already doing that, why not upload one of the colorways to Society6 too! I absolutely love the phone case, I think it was the perfect application for the repeat.

I noticed while I was on there that I had a promotion that I could share with all of you. From now until January 12th at midnight (PST) you can get FREE SHIPPING when you purchase anything for MY Society6 shop! (you must click the link to get the offer) I thought that was pretty cool, and I’m now wondering how often they do promotions like this?


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