If I Had Unlimited Funds: January 2nd

The holidays are over, I’m done with all my gift making, and I’m just ready to get things back to normal.

To start off this whole “normal” thing, I thought I’d do one of my favorite types of posts, If I Had Unlimited Funds… These posts give me a purpose when window shopping the internets, and if I could, I would do one everyday!

Today’s finds are all geometric themed. I LOVE geometric everything!! Squares, triangles, polygons, etc. Simple shapes just make me happy to look at, and I’m so excited this stuff is finally everywhere. So if I had unlimited funds to buy geometric things, I’d buy…

1Silver & Neon Geometric Necklace by LikeGJewelry (how cool is this thing? It’s laser cut, which is another one of my favorite things and it’s gray! I love it!)

2Triangulated Cuff Bracelet by ArchetypeZ (it’s 3D printed, another awesome thing I love) /// 3Triangle Geometric Washi Tape sold by the Stationary Room

4Wooden Geometric Vase by Urban Analog /// 5Wanduhr “Mosaik” by liebelu

6PolyGlobe Pendant Light by Raw Dezign (every single thing in their shop is amazing! I want it all!!)

7Buffalo Skull A3 Print by oelwein (they also have this awesome bird print, plus cool trays, tea towels and more) /// 8 - Abstract Geometric Screen Print by Fuel Design

9Blue Kingfisher Geometric Art print by Tiny Kiwi Creations (they have a bunch of geometric animal prints!)

10Geometric Brooch Fox Red – Harlequin Fox by Sketch Inc /// 11Geometric Concrete Earrings by Berezki

12Chevron Screen Printed Tshirt by Late Night Drawing /// 13Thorns Stacking Rings by Mirta

It was actually really hard to pick out just 13 items, I found so many awesome pieces. Good thing I don’t have a credit card!**

**If I did have a credit card, I would use it wisely and not buy every single shiny thing I saw on the internet. I don’t want you guys getting the wrong idea about me! Ha!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: Modcloth

Let me start out by saying that I do not get to buy myself new clothes very often. I either spend the money on CT or I get too frustrated in the dressing room and give up. I have been itching to get some new pieces, and I’m thinking I don’t need another band tshirt or striped cardigan.

I blame all the awesome fashion blogs out there, or maybe the fact that I have a little girl who dresses super cute, but all of a sudden I want cute girly clothes. Dresses, skirts, tights, fancy coats and pretty shoes. I’m a stay at home mom, who doesn’t party or go out, so it’s really hard to justify such purchases. I always have to justify a purchase, otherwise I feel super guilty afterwards.

I am linked to ModCloth daily, usually from a blog, instagram photo or email. I spend way too much time on there looking at all their adorable clothes, and to top it off, they add loads more each day. They have everything I’ve been looking for and more. So if I had unlimited funds, or a very large ModCloth gift card, I’d buy…

1The Leif Aquatic Top /// 2Knits a Small World Sweatshirt (These two shirts are kinda like band tshirts, but way cuter! and warmer!)

3Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan in Coal (I said I didn’t need anymore cardigans, but this one has huge buttons, my other cardigans don’t have huge buttons!!) /// 4Plenty by Tracy Reese Turn to the Tundra Coat (I love the details on this coat, plus the fur comes off and leaves behind a cute collar!)

5Every Gilded Moment Dress /// 6Pretty in Prague Dress /// 7Coach Tour Dress in Noir (I really seem to be drawn to black dresses. Every time I try on a colorful pattern or solid colored dress I just don’t feel like myself. Apparently I have a little bit of a goth side. I’m seriously tempted to buy the Coach Tour dress, it looks like a good “starter dress”)

8Cultivate Colorful Tights /// 9Pale in Comparison Tights (How cute would these tights look under that Coach Tour dress? and with my Dr. Martens? or maybe those boots below?)

10Been There London That Skirt (how cute is this skirt?!? It reminds me of Disney)  /// 11Put Down Routes Boot (I like the height of these boots, the buckles and the fact that there is hardly any heel. I’m not a heels type of girl. These may be my perfect boots)

This list is a just a wish list, the only thing in my budget is that Coach Tour Dress. I really do like it. Do any of you readers have one? does it flare out a bit? or is it straight down? I’m short and chubby, I’d prefer a flared out skirt.

Oh and something neat, ModCloth is having a huge holiday sale right now! It’s their ‘Tis The Season sale. Starting Today and ending Sunday evening, 100 plus NEW ITEMS are 50% off. I missed out on their last sale, and I still see blog posts about how amazing it was. I Could buy one of those Coach Tour Dresses I like, looks like a few colors are on sale!! And I said I wouldn’t get all worked about holiday sales…

Edit: I ended up purchasing the Coach Tour Dress in Violet!!

I’m new to this type of internet shopping. Are there any other shopping websites you think I’d like? With styles similar to what I picked out above?

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: Crafty Bastards 2012

I know I will probably be spending most of my time behind the table at Crafty Bastards, but If I sell out or had unlimited funds, I’d love to buy…

1Flanksy Giant Squidious Monster by Cotton Monster (I seriously love everything she makes!! We already have one of her huge bottom feeders, a few watchful eyes and a pentapod but I always want MORE. Jennifer also has a few items available through Land of Nod this holiday season, you should check them out!)

2Vintage Wood Globe Tag by Neogranny /// 3Okapi Scarf – White and Black Hand Printed Infinity Scarf by Bark Decor

4Mr Hedgehog is a Southern Gentleman Nite Lite by You Know (the illustration is done by another Crafty bastards vendor Berkley Illustration)

5 - Lavender Belt by Miss Alison(I LOVE her belts! I have a few and I can say for a fact that they last awhile! After years of use, they still look perfect. Oh, and their vegan!) /// 6Dot Dash Asphalt Scoop Neck Tee by maryink (Whenever my baby sister helps me at shows, she usually ends up picking up a shirt by these guys! They’re so soft and vibrant)

7The Pizzasaurus Necklace by Snash Jewelry (Ok, this is awesome! It’s a Dinosaur skull eating a pizza!!! Even my husband thinks I NEED this necklace!)

8The Grateful Bun-Bun by Horrible Adorables (I just love faux taxidermy) /// 9Appalachian Trail print by Peaceful Traveler (we live about a mile, or less, from the Appalachian trail, which makes this print super neat and a perfect addition to our home)

This is just a small selection of all the awesome vendors that you will see at Crafty Bastards this year. If you would like to see the whole list, and booth numbers, then check out the vendor list.

Oh and we’ll be there, booth #84! Come say hi!!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: Designer Con 2012 – Part Two

Like I said last night, I just couldn’t narrow down all the awesome artist, and their wares, that will be at Designer Con this year!

So here I go again. If I had Unlimited funds to go to Designer Con 2012, I would buy…

1Feather Gold Fatchel Bag by Park La Fun (they also have really neat wallets and guitar straps) /// 2Gumbo in Grombyland – Orange Creamsicle by Black Gard

3I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts print by the Beast Shoppe

4The Alphabot print by Genuine HAHA /// 5Cursed Candy Corn Plush by House of Darkly

6Winslow the (much larger) Beastlie by Beastlies /// 7Pink Rice Baby by Blamo Toys

8Out For a Drive print by Extracurricular Activities (this print is kinda part of a set! They’re not very expensive, and I bet they would look really neat next to each other. Maybe over a couch or sideboard?)

9Flat BunGoyle the Gargoyle Bunny Plush by Flat Bonnie /// 10Uninspired print by Gary Musgrave

11The Forest Warlord – Black and Silver Edition by Bigfoot /// 12Bigfoot Barbershop print by Ryan Roberts Photography (I’ve seen these prints on Fab a few times, and always want to buy them!)

Well, I’ve spent way too much time looking at toys and such. I have way too much to do this weekend, so I’m off to cast a few hundred necklaces and build some new displays. Oh and again, if you would like to see all of the other vendors that will be at Designer Con 2012, check out their list here, and if you go, I’d love to see photos!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: Designer Con 2012 – Part One

I’ve been meaning to put these posts together for about a week now, but with all the craziness during the storm (we did lose power and some trim on our house) and then getting ready for Crafty Bastards, I just ran out of time!

Anyway, this post, and the next one will be dedicated to Designer Con! What is Designer Con you ask? Well to quote their website… “Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art!“. It’s a one day event, this Saturday, November 3rd in Pasadena, CA. It looks awesome, and I’m seriously bummed I can’t go. Maybe next year?!? (hint hint JC).

Just because I can’t go doesn’t mean I can’t look at, and dream about, all the awesome stuff that will be there. So If I Had Unlimited Funds to go the Designer Con 2012, I would buy…

1 - 6″ RAAR! by Gary Ham /// 2 - I Don’t Wanna Grow Up print by Brett 2D Bean

3Florene & Talbert print by doubleparlour /// 4white resin ovok sculpt by Odd Fauna

5Ghost Larm by Sawdust Bear (I have been eying these for awhile now, you should check out the entire site, there are so many neat “specimens”)

6Curiosity Resin by Nathan Hamill (via Pretty in Plastic) /// 7Yummy Face Coin Purse by Jupey

8Owl Tote by Crowded Teeth(one of my all time favorite artist!!) /// 9Narwhal Plush Art Doll, Norbert by Nonesuch Garden

10CrappyCat Tuf-Fluck by Crappy Cat /// 11Bronze Polkadot Cavey by A Little Stranger

12BOOMBOT1 LAZ-E BLUE by Boom Botix (It’s a wireless speaker that looks like a little monster! how cute!)

So these were the first half of all the things I thought were super cute!! I just couldn’t narrow it all down, everything is so neat looking. Check back tomorrow for the rest of my favorites!!

If you’d like to see all of the other vendors, check out the list here.

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If I Had Unlimited Funds: September 28th

I’ve been working behind the scenes a lot lately. I’m about to switch a few rooms, and finally finish CT’s room. It’s already really cute. I just have some finishing touches to do, like paint, chair rail, curtains, etc.

If I had unlimited funds I’d love to add a few more items…

1Multi Colored Glass Shade by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. (CT already has this light, but it gives off a very unsettling orange glow and we would really like to change it ASAP) /// 2Princess and the Pea Bedding by Land of Nod

3Pull Up a Pouf (Aqua Variegated) also by Land of Nod (she HAD an awesome beanbag, but it unfortunately was a victim of our last cold and was not able to be cleaned!) /// 4Elephant Wooden Mobile by Freya Art & Design

5I Feel Like A Super Today print by Helen Dardik (She is seriously my new favorite artist! I love everything she does) /// 6Princess Art Prints – Set of 6 by Loopz Art

7Unicorn White Papier-Mache Head by Dwell Studio /// 8Rosette Blossom Round Rug also by Dwell Studio (It would go great with CT’s Dwell Studio for Target dresser)

I know that kids change their mind ALL THE TIME about what they want, so I’m not going to go super crazy with CT’s room just yet. Were keeping it very basic with no real theme. All the artwork can be changed out, and I’m even buying a few new rolls of washi tape specifically to tape up prints of whatever is in at the moment. Nothing permanent.

It is neat to dream about what I could buy though!! Kid’s stuff is so much cooler now than when I was a kid, or even a decade ago when my siblings were little! It’s awesome.

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