The Helper Dragon

Last week I did a post about my little collection of Mold-A-Rama figurines, and I mentioned I snagged one of Rotofugi’s new pieces. Well, here he is! He’s called a Helper Dragon and is by Tim Biskup.

You get this card with each piece that explains a little bit about their machine. Apparently their exact machine use to live at the LA Zoo and made kangaroos. I thought that was really neat!

I hope they make more molds, because I’d love to have some other pieces.

Also, if¬†you’re¬†interested in buying one of these in person, Rotofugi is located in Chicago, IL. Their shop is awesome and super fun to walk around. Plus everyone there is really nice!

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3 thoughts on “The Helper Dragon

  1. I was just on the Rotofugi website tonight and saw these. Tim Biskup has always been one of my favorites artists. These are really cool!

    • Its even made with a nicer plastic than the other Mold-A-Rama pieces, it’s a lot thicker. Plus $6 for a Tim Biskup figure is awesome!

      I also bought a little plush Rodi for my xmas tree.

      • Oh cute! I love Roddy! Seriously, Tim Biskup stuff is so expensive! I have the yeti from a few years ago that I think we got on sale somewhere.

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