Thrift Finds: April 19th thru April 25th

The weather this past weekend wasn’t really the best… Rain rain and more rain! not even the weather could stop us from shopping!

We weren’t able to do any outdoor shopping, but since we brought along my father in law, we were able to spend more time at all the indoor shops. CT really likes to touch fragile things, so having three adults watching her made it a little easier.




This week my vintage Pyrex collection grew even more!! It’s starting to get a little out of control, so I may be slowing down soon. Or not. I found a bunch of pieces I’ve really wanted! Like some of the little fridges with lids and a gravy boat!!

We also found two more vintage amusement park plates to match the Disney plate from last week. They look to be from the same era, but I don’t know for sure since there’s no dates on the back. Does anyone know? One is from Hershey Park and the other is from the Enchanted Forest in Maryland (which has been closed for many years). Both my husband and I have been to all of these parks, so they are an awesome addition to our house! Now I need to find a place to hang them…

We also found a huge sideboard at one of the indoor flea markets. With all four of us in the car, there wasn’t room to take it home right away, so we’re going back on Saturday to pick it up. I’ve been looking for one for awhile to go in our dinning room. It felt empty in there with just the table, plus I needed some Pyrex storage. Ha.
I’ll post pictures once it’s cleaned up and in place!

Anyone who reads this live in western/central MD? Where do you like to shop?

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