Collections: Hellboy

I’ve been talking a lot about collecting lately. It is something I’ve always done. It’s kinda compulsive. If I like something, I have to have every kind! Or at least a few.

I’ve decided to photograph a few of my larger collections to share with everyone and post about them each week.

To start this off right, here is one of my favorite collections…


Yes, I collect Hellboy toys, art, books and clothes. I know it’s not a traditional thing for a girl to collect. Ha. But I love it all.

It started as an accident collection. I was working at Hot Topic, many years ago, and after work sometimes my husband and I (he was just my boyfriend back then), would wander around the Suncoast in the mall. (remember those stores?).They always had awesome toys on clearance. One night they had a bunch of the toys from the first Hellboy movie 75% off. I loved the movie, so I bought two.


After that I would just pick up anything Hellboy related that I saw and liked. I’ve been slowly building this collection for about 7 years. I have two favorite pieces. One is that HUGE figure in the middle. I bought him about 3 years ago after I did really well at a craft show.


My second favorite is my Qee Hellboy, I don’t remember where he came from, but I love that it’s two things I collect in one toy!

I’m nowhere near done with this collection. Just the other day my husband was suggesting I try and find an 8″ version of the Qee Hellboy. He said I NEEDED it. He’s no better than me with collecting. One of the many reasons we work so well!

Next week I plan on showing off my largest collection… I just need to round it all up first!

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One thought on “Collections: Hellboy

  1. I love this collection of yours! My fiancé and I collect Batman & Wonder Woman memorabilia. Nerd love all around :)

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