Win This Papercut Dachshund!

dachshund_giveaway_001 dachshund_giveaway_002About a month ago I bought a new toy, a crafting toy to be exact! It’s a Silhouette Portrait and it is seriously my new favorite tool. I never really messed around with paper crafts before, and I’m not a scrapbooker, but I thought I could still find a use for it. Well, I found loads of uses actually and can’t wait to share them all with you guys.

You’re probably wondering now what this has to do with the “WIN THIS” flag above, well I made the above paper cut using my machine and one of my animal doodles I mentioned on Monday. I made it purely to see if I COULD. I love experimenting and testing my limits, and this was one of the outcomes. I want to make some many more too!!!

I love the print, but I don’t own a Dachshund and I felt like there might be someone out there who loves them more and would like a likeness on their walls! So here goes…

If you love wiener dogs, paper cut pieces or this piece just “speaks to you” (hahaha) then you can enter to win by just leaving a comment below. The comment can say anything. You can tell me about your day, what your favorite food is, what you think I should make next, or whatever else is on your mind! Please keep it nice and clean though, I guess thats the only rule. The print measures a total of 8.5″x11″, that includes the chipboard I mounted it to. You have until next Wednesday night to enter (January 22nd at midnight EST) , and I’ll choose a winner the next day!!

Entries are closed for this giveaway!


The winner is comment #3, Katie T.

I’ve contacted Katie, but if she doesn’t get back to me, then i will choose a second winner!!

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Frysquatch and the Log Lady Log Ornaments

frysquatch_logladylog_001This was the ornament set I was talking about last week! The one close to my nerdy heart. I made it as part of an ornament swap I signed up for hosted by Shari of Unpetitmeow. It was all done through Instagram, so you could see whatever everyone else was making, and try and guess who was whose secret partner!

My partner just happened to be a friend of mine, Heather (I seriously lucked out guys!). Her lists of favorites was awesome! Futurama, Cryptozoology, Twin Peaks and knitting. I don’t know anything about knitting, so I went with the first three. The first thought I had was “how about Fry dressed up as a yeti? or maybe sasquatch?” Well I ran with it and made a clay Frysquatch! (my own made up term) The other ornament is a simple log to represent the Log Lady’s Log!

They were both so much fun to do!! I want to make the entire set of Futurama for my tree, and maybe even a set of Bob’s Burger characters?

I have been asked a bunch of times already if I will make these, and the Donut Mushroom Hybrid ornaments for sale. I am contemplating remaking the mushrooms and the log and casting them for next year, but I WILL NOT be selling any Frysquatch ornaments. I don’t like the idea of selling licensed anything. I even felt weird making this as a gift, it’s a gray area and I’d rather stay there. I just knew Heather would love it, and I made no profit from it.

But yeah, keep an eye out for replicas of the others! I have been itching to do more 3D molds, but never could decide WHAT to cast. Now I know and I’m excited to get back on track. When would be a good time of year to add them to my shop?

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Handmade: Donut Mushroom Hybrid Ornaments

ornaments_heidi_001This year I took part in a few Secret Santa swaps. Something I haven’t ever really done before, but I thought was a neat idea. Most of the recipients haven’t received their gifts yet, so I can’t share them all yet. But I have been itching to share SOMETHING!

The only swap I didn’t go out of my way to sign up for was the one for Heidi’s crafternoon this month. My recipient just happened to be Heidi herself, and she is always fun to shop for! I found her a bunch of cool little trinkets, but of course I HAD to make something too! She collects mushroom stuff and donuts, so I figured why not make a set of mushrooms WITH icing and sprinkles on top? They were so fun to make, I always forget how much I love playing with clay.

I also made a few more clay ornaments for another swap I’m doing, but photos would seriously give away who the new owners will be, so I’m going to wait. The other set is something close to my own nerdy heart and I wish I had made myself some too!!

Maybe I’ll make some cast plastic ornaments for the shop next year? Is that something people would want?

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Which Way Is Up Quilt

About a week and a half ago, in the middle of the night, I had this idea for a paper pieced quilt. An outline of a house, in black with different tones of blue as the background. Luckily I’ve been finally keeping a habit of having notebooks all over the house, so I jotted it down real quick and went back to bed (you can see the original sketch in the above left photo).

The next morning I woke up before CT and went straight to my computer, I drafted a paper pieced pattern so I could test out my idea. I was very happy with the results, and as you can see from the photo on the right above, it worked!! I was so excited I set out to make 24 more!

Well, after searching through my fabric stash, I just couldn’t find 24 fabrics that matched the first one I did. So I narrowed it down to 12 total. I made each house block 10″ square, which meant I should end up with a quilt about 30″x40″ if I didn’t add a border, and a bit bigger if I did.

I spent a few days finishing up the other 11 blocks, doing four at a time (I feel like I get up to iron less and it takes less time, to me). I was on a roll and was set out to finish this quilt as soon as I could. So last Tuesday I finished all 12 blocks! I laid them out on the floor and didn’t quite like the set up as all house outlines. So I turned a few around, and a couple upside down, and ended up with a bunch of arrows pointing all different directions. Perfect!! I also decided at that point that I was going to add 2″ white strips in between all of the blocks and a 2″ white border around the entire edge. Now it was 40″x50″, a nice lap sized quilt. I needed one of those.

I pieced and quilted the entire thing Wednesday afternoon, and then added binding Friday Morning. I took photos Saturday, and here I am on Monday showing you all my finished quilt…

I’m calling it the “Which Way Is Up” quilt.

I LOVE the way it came out, and I love that each time I use the pattern it will be a totally different quilt! I can subtract the white and do all solids, so the arrows (or houses) will be subtle and surprise you! or I can switch the white and the patterned fabrics? Or I could be super crazy and actually have them all houses!! Ha.

Well, I’m so interested to see all of the different ways you could make this quilt too, so you can find the pattern in my shop!

I’m not including instructions on how to paper piece. I have no idea how to write it out in words… Yet.  If you’ve never tried it, I suggest searching for some videos on YouTube, that’s how I taught myself. Fresh Lemons Quilts blog also has a great tutorial if your not into watching videos.

If any of you do make a project using this pattern, I would love to see it (and maybe even share it on here).

I feel like I’m on a quilting kick now, so expect to see more sewing and a bit less of everything else…

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A Little More About CT’s Party…

As I said yesterday, I wanted to share a bit more about the decorating and goody bags from CT’s 3rd Birthday Party. I was very frazzled the day of, so all these photos were taken the day after! Just imagine cupcakes sitting on the white tray in the middle, some macarons on the two tiered tray and more “goody bags” in that white basket. Plus other odds and ends that were moved about.

It was a lot of fun to pick everything out, be it handmade, from a store or just from around the house. I didn’t go overboard, and I think it looked very cute and sweet. I really wish I had taken photos the day of!!!

I accidentally stumbled onto a color theme. It all started with those paper chains, I just picked out a multi pack of paper in what I thought were cute colors. After making them all (at night and in the car btw) I started to buy other things in the same colorways. All of the plastic silverware was in those colors, the last minute “Happy Birthday” banner matched (I meant to make one), even the flowers I found the night before matched! I sorta, kinda, accidentally made it all match! Ha. I love when things work out that way.

Oh and the wrapped picture frames! A lot of the guest liked those. I mainly did it because I felt the photos artwork underneath wasn’t really appropriate for a kid’s birthday party. It’s my Jordan Crane Triptych of a party with loads of booze on the ground, you can see it here. It’s fine for everyday viewing, just not a birthday.

I love the way it all looks, and I really don’t want to take it all down. Do I have to?

Ok, now onto the little chef hats…

These were a last minute idea! I mean, four days before the party last minute. I was flipping through the Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders book to see if there were any xmas gifts I could make, when I came across the pattern for a kid’s adjustable chefs hat and apron. I read through the instructions and figured they wouldn’t be too hard to make, so I made a test one. The one above actually. It took me about 25 minutes from start to finish (I’ve been told I sew FAST, so it make take others longer). I figured 11 kids were coming, and that they would only take me an afternoon to make one for each. It kinda did. I ran out of some supplies halfway through and had to wait until I could go out and get them. Then I waited until the night before to attach the velcro, which wasn’t the best idea. But I’m glad I made them! All the kids looked soooo cute decorating their cupcakes while wearing chef hats!!

Now onto the goody bags, or in our case, balls! My original plan was to make the bags for the goody bags, but after seeing the over sized gumball machine capsules above, I changed my mind! How cool are they? We bought them in blue, green and purple. CT picked out a kazoo, mini view-master camera thingy, some chocolate and tattoos/stickers. I didn’t want to only have plastic trinkets in the balls though, so like an insane woman, I also made the crayon rolls! Another last minute idea. I felt crazy making them, so I didn’t even tell my husband what I was doing until I was halfway through. I didn’t want someone else thinking I was crazy too! They actually took less time then I thought they would and I was able to just use scrap fabric from my stash.

In the end it was all more work than I anticipated, but you know what? I felt great about the way the house looked and the things I sent home with each kid! Now they each have a chef hat for pretend play, and a crayon roll to take with them anywhere. Plus I made one of each for CT too. I wouldn’t change a thing, well, with the exception of having more sewing machine needles on hand.

I know there’s loads of tutorials online to make crayon rolls, I didn’t use any of them because of their sizes. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial to make these simple ones?

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