Just Two Words Project: Crabs & Orange

Just Two Words Project: Crabs & OrangeI’m two weeks behind on blogging about this project, but at least I’m up to date on actually illustrating them, right? Anyway, this was from two weeks ago, and the chosen words were Crabs (me) and Orange (Heidi)with the finished project being an umbrella.

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Just Two Words Project: Bugs & Teacups

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you know I absolutely love designing repeat patterns. You would also know that a little less than a year ago, I decided to cut back on the jewelry side of Art School Dropout and focus more on the art and quilting side. One of my goals was to properly learn Illustrator. Well, I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m getting there. The only issue I’ve been having though is narrowing down ideas. I seriously just sit and stare at my sketchbook wondering “what do I draw today?” but then I get super frustrated and start doodling triangles. Don’t get me wrong, triangles are great, but I feel like I’m wasting my time and skills by not trying to draw something else.

I brought this frustration up to my friend Heidi not too long ago. She has been spending time watching the CreativeBug Fabric Design course and wanted to test out her new knowledge. She had the brilliant idea of giving ourselves weekly (or biweekly) design challenges that had a specific theme and end project. For the theme we would each choose a word and combine them. We also wouldn’t share anything we had drawn until the next week or so, that way the finished project was a complete surprise and we didn’t influence one another. The second I heard this idea I said “YES!” and possibly some curse words.

In Plain Sight by Jessee Maloney {an Art School Dropout's life}

Last week was our first week and the theme was Bugs & Teacups and the finished piece was to be a repeat pattern. At first I was super excited and went straight to my sketchbook. I drew pages of bugs, started scanning them in and digitizing them. I won’t lie, I got super frustrated with the teacups and put off drawing them for as long as I could. I just wanted to draw bugs. I may have sent text’s stating just how much I hated Teacups…

In Plain Sight by Jessee Maloney {an Art School Dropout's life}

We started this challenge on Monday, and I didn’t get to the teacups until Saturday night. I’m glad I waited though because I’m really happy with how they ended up. I placed a bug on each cup, except for one, which had a bug crawling out of it. Kind of like it was hiding among the bug illustrations. This concept is where I came up with the name for the line, In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight by Jessee Maloney {an Art School Dropout's life}I’m not 100% sure what I will do with this collection. It was made for fun and to add to my portfolio. I DID order some spoonflower swatches just to see, but I can’t guarantee that I will sell fabric. I’m still trying to decide. the best part though? I can change my mind whenever I like!

I absolutely loved this challenge, and I loved seeing what Heidi came up with too. We both have very different styles and view things in different ways. She has this magic ability to make everything super cute, and I like to go the geometric route. This weeks challenge has already been chosen, and I’m really looking forward to Monday to share my idea and see what Heidi came up. Mondays wont be as bad now, huh?

My Hexagon Stocking Project For Silhouette America PLUS a Blog Hop Giveaway!

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}To jump start the holiday season and to celebrate all things handmade, the Silhouette Design team is having an awesome Blog Hop! We each made a project using our favorite Silhouette product and are also giving it away (all the information is at the bottom of the post). How awesome is that?!?

My favorite product is the Silhouette brand Sewable Fabric Interfacing. I use it in every fabric project I make for their blog, plus a load of personal projects for myself. It’s a great time saver that adds a special personal touch to your sewing projects. I use it to personalize quilted pieces or cut super intricate designs. It’s also great for kids clothes and any type of sewn gift.

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life} My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}I chose a personalized stocking as the project to showcase the Sewable Interfacing because it’s been on my to do list for YEARS! I started three, one for each of us, but was only able to finish the one shown due to my sewing machine malfunctioning. I’m hoping to share the other two, that my family helped design, later in the month.

I wanted to show each of our very different personalities in a quilted sock form. Mine shows my love for shapes, polka dots, fabric with writing on it and the color gray. The Honeycomb Background design file would have taken forever to cut by hand, but with my Silhouette CAMEO it only took a few minutes.

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}I also love how it looks super complicated, but was super easy to put together!

I used the Stocking design file and enlarged it as big I could to fit on the 12″x24″ cutting mat. I cut just the basic stocking shape out of card stock. I then opened the Honeycomb Background file and tilted it slightly so the edge near the toe made it look like a sock with those different colored toe tips. I clicked on “Release Compound Path” so all of the honeycomb lines were separated. I deleted a few hexagons here and there so some would be solid. I used some awesome rainbow speckled denim and I wanted to showcase it here and there.

Once I was happy with the file, I grouped it back together. I prepped and cut it as a I usually do (my full tutorial on the Silhouette blog can be found here) and ironed it onto my already cut out stocking. I also cut out a basic stocking piece for the back. I then spray basted both pieces to separate cotton batting and quilted them up like I would any quilt. I cut the lining out of the cute black and gray polka dotted fabric and sewed all of them together, just like you would a zipper pouch!

After everything was sewn and turned inside out, I folded down the top cuff and added my name using the Lovely Day Font (found in the Silhouette Design Store) and some solid gray fabric to finish it off.

It took me about two hours total to finish this one stocking. Not Bad, right?!!

My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}My Hexagon Stocking Project for Silhouette America {an Art School Dropout's life}

Now onto the GIVEAWAY!

On Silhouette’s behalf, I will be giving away one pack of Silhouette Brand Sewable Interfacing and one Fabric Blade. To enter you NEED to follow Silhouette America and myself on Instagram. To earn additional entries you can follow me on Bloglovin and/or leave a comment letting me know what kind of projects you’d like to see on here in 2015!

Rules, Guidelines & Disclaimers:

This giveaway is being hosted by me, Jessee M / Art School Dropout, as part of the Silhouette Design Team Blog Hop. There will be only one winner chosen by Rafflecopter. This giveaway is open to US/Canada Residents, 18 & older.  Void where prohibited. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Prizes will be fulfilled by Silhouette America. Winner cannot have won another Silhouette America giveaway in the past 90 days. Winners should expect their prize to arrive within 4-6 weeks. Only one entry per reader, period. Only the first comment posted will be counted. Giveaway starts at midnight December 1st, 2014 and will end at 11:59PM (EST) December 5th, 2014. Whew, I think that’s it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to everyone who enters. Please head on over to Guiseppa Gubler’s blog to find out what she’s giving away. Then from there hop on over to the next one and the next. If all works out you should finish up right back here where you started. If you’d like to start at the begging then go check out the Blog Hop Giveaway post on the Silhouette America Blog.


Here’s a list of ALL of the Silhouette Design Team Blog Hop Posts in case you think you may have missed one!…

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A Collaboration Between Cloud 9 Fabrics, Silhouette America & Me

A Collaboration Between Cloud 9 Fabrics, Silhouette America & MeBack in July, I took place in a collaboration between Cloud 9 Fabrics and Silhouette America. I was sent an awesome fat quarter bundle of Cloud 9′s new line Arcadia by Sarah Watson to make something using my Silhouette CAMEO. All they asked of me was to make it an applique project.

A Collaboration Between Cloud 9 Fabrics, Silhouette America & Me {an Art School Dropout's life}

A Collaboration Between Cloud 9 Fabrics, Silhouette America & Me {an Art School Dropout's life}


I had so much fun designing and making this project! I wrote up a full tutorial, with pictures, over on Silhouette America’s blog. Trust me when I say, this project was way easier to make than it looks!


 Also, if you are new here and would like to keep up on all the new projects I will be posting then please add me on BlogLovin!

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Brushed X’s & A Rainbow of Wonky Wood Fabric

Brushed X's & A Rainbow of Wonky Wood Fabric by jesseesuem {an Art School Dropout's life} #spoonflowerA few weeks back, I had a flood of messages on Spoonflower asking about different colorways for my Wonky Woodgrain Fabrics. It seems like faux wood grain is the new thing for nurseries. How neat!?

I read each and every request and made up new colorways, or made some of the designs horizontal instead (for crib skirts and things like that I was told). I had to order a swatch for all of them so there was some waiting involved.

Today all of the swatches came in and I am in love with them all! A bunch were requests and then the tan, mustard and pink were my idea because I know I’d use them myself (baby quilt backs anyone?)

Brushed X's & A Rainbow of Wonky Wood Fabric by jesseesuem {an Art School Dropout's life} #spoonflowerI also had a few swatches made of my Brushed X’s fabric design. I designed this specifically to be used as quilt binding and backing. I have grand plans for this fabric! (I wish I had photographed them better though! Stupid cloudy days)

What are your thoughts on all of these? Should I make more colorways? Smaller designs? Larger designs? ETC ETC ETC? I NEED to know! haha.

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